3 Simple Ways to Manage Your Sales Inbox

It is super easy to get lost in the of the thousands of email messages we transact upon in a given week. The biggest thing we try to get our customers to do is take a step back and visualize their overall sales communications process with this diagram:

“Haphazard Sales Inbox”

“Streamlined Inbox”

Your inbox plays a major role in your sales process. In between your initial outreach and follow-up, that meeting, call and demo your customers are reaching back out to you and you need to make sure your inbox is TOP shape so that you can focus on your actual customers.

In this recorded Tout sales school session, we cover 3 simple ways to manage your sales inbox and change your sales communications from a haphazard set of emails to a streamlined clean workflow.

  • Solution #1: Get rid of the obvious junk
  • Solution #2: Have a strategy for following up and replying
  • Solution #3: Make replying DEAD SIMPLE EASY

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below, or schedule time with one of our Happiness Officers for a 1on1 session.