Using Advanced Filters

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Manage Your Day

One of the keys to success is to be organized and plan out your day. With Command Center, you now have a single, unified view that helps you figure out how to prioritize your outreach and manage your tasks for the day.

Command Center

Prioritize Your Outreach

Juggling multiple conversations while not being sure where to focus your time and energy is a common problem within sales. Fortunately for you Tout bubbles up your Most Engaged conversations, so you can focus on the contacts that require your immediate attention.

You’ll notice the conversations with the highest number of events are at the top of the Most Engaged folder. We classify events as either a view, click or reply on one of your emails.

Most Enagaged copy

Click “View Options” to set specific criteria for an advanced search. Use your search results as priority list for who you should reach out to first.

Advanced Search

In the Most Engaged view you can also make a follow up call or email your contact directly without leaving the page.

Most Engaged

Once you start using the Most Engaged view there should be no uncertainty on how to prioritize your outreach.