Using Tout Phone

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Call Your Contact

If you are on one of the many sales or customer success teams that leverage phone as a channel in your customer outreach strategy, then you should incorporate Tout Phone into your daily workflow. Tout Phone will save you time, increase the likelihood to connect with contacts with Local Presence and record calls for reviewing later.  

To set up and use Tout Phone, watch this video and follow these steps.

Step 1: Set Up

Whether you get measured based off your activity around prospects or you record your activity in your CRM as a team best practice, logging key customer interactions is important. To ensure your call activity, notes and call recordings are properly logged to Salesforce, check your Tout Settings to ensure the following settings are marked:

  • Log email activity to Salesforce via API
  • Sync your Tout Tasks to Salesforce Tasks

Step 2: Use Tout Phone

Now you’re ready to start making calls. Tout Phone is accessible where you work. Use Tout Phone…

  • In Live Feed when a prospect opens your email
  • As a daily task for a Campaign
  • As a follow up action for an engaged contact
  • As a quick action to a scheduled email
  • From Command Center for a one-off call.

Click the call button on the righthand side of the contact you want to call. This will open Tout Phone where you will be prompted to fill out some information. Input your number the first time you make a call. After that, Tout will remember your number for future calls.

tout phone

You also have the option to select two more settings:

  • Local Presence: a system that enables you to automatically call a contact using their local area code.
  • Call Recording: record a call so you can review it with your manager later.

Tout Tip: If you plan to use call recording you are responsible to comply with your local call recording laws. 

After you adjust these settings to your preference, the settings will be set for all future calls. Now, verify all the information is correct, then hit the big green Call button. Your phone will start ringing. Pick up your phone and Tout will automatically call your lead or contact. 

Tout Phone 2

When you’re in the call, you are presented with information on who you’re calling, where you’re calling from, the call status, the duration of the call and a space for note taking. After you finish, choose your call outcome and click save. This information will be logged back to ToutApp and Salesforce.

Tout Tip: If the contact you’re calling is part of a Campaign and your call accomplishes the goal of the Campaign, you can mark the Campaign as success and as result, remove and stop the Campaign for the contact.

Step 3: Where to Find Your Call Activity

Your call activity, including call notes and call recording, can found in two places.

Person Details – ToutApp

First, the call activity can be found in the Contact’s Person Details under the Activity Feed section.

Contact Card

Contact or Lead Page – Salesforce

Second, it can be found in Salesforce on the Contact or Lead page under the Activity History. If you click into the activity, you can find more detailed information on the call.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.03.07 PM

Step 4: Calling Best Practices

Refining the art of calling is a continuous process. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when you’re using Tout Phone.

  • Follow up your email with a phone call on the same day. Be sure to have a reason for your call that adds value.
  • When leaving a voicemail reference the content you shared by email that is relevant to your prospect’s persona
  • Increase your chances of a connect by calling within a few minutes of email engagement