Sending a Group Email

5 minutes to read

Business is all about building relationships. With Group Emails you now can build your relationships at scale. Use Group Emails to send the same message to multiple contacts with the ability to add a personalized message for each contact. Once you’ve sent a Group Email, you’ll receive tracking statistics for each recipient. 

To create a Group and send a Group Email, watch this video and follow along with these steps:

Step 1: Push to Tout

Within Salesforce, go to your contact or lead view and select the people you want to email. Use Push to Tout to create a group of your target contacts. Contact your Administrator if you do not see the Push to Tout button. They will need to set up the Salesforce for ToutApp package.

Push to Tout

If you do not use a CRM you have the option to import a CSV of your contacts to Tout.

Import CSV File

Step 2: Create a Group

Now that your contacts are in Tout, use this list to build out your Group. You can create groups around a company, persona, role, industry or any other way you organize your customers and prospects.

ToutApp Group

Tout Tip: Update your Group’s name for easy discoverability. You can edit a Group by clicking the “Actions” button and “Edit Group”.

Step 3: Send a Group Email
Once your Group is ready to go, either select all the contacts in the group or select the specific contacts that you want to include in the Group Email. Preview the email and add in a personal message for each contact.

Group Email GIF

Tout Tip: Consider using a template for your Group Email. Once you’ve added the template, try personalizing the first and last 10% of your email. We call this the 10:80:10 rule.