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Thank you for your interest in the pilot program for ToutApp’s Outlook Web Application Add-In. This document contains the information you’ll need to install the Add-In and get going using ToutApp in OWA.




I. System Requirements

II. Setting Up ToutApp for OWA – Individual User

III. Setting Up ToutApp for OWA for Your Team – Admins

IV. Using the ToutApp for OWA Add-In

V. Known Issues



You’ll need the following in order to use OWA:

Exchange – Exchange Online, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016

Browser – Latest versions of Chrome and Safari (Edge, IE, and Firefox not yet supported)



You can easily install the ToutApp for OWA Add-In using the following instructions:

1) Login to Outlook Web Access.

a. For Office 365 customers, this is

b. For Exchange 2013 or 2016 customers, this will be whatever they have set up for their Outlook Web Access URL. The default is https://<YOUR EXCHANGE SERVER NAME>/owa/

2) Make sure ‘Preview Links in Email’ is unchecked:

a. Click the gear icon in the top right, then click “Options”.

b. Under Mail → Layout → Link Preview, uncheck the “Preview links in email” checkbox.

c. Click ‘Save’

3) Install the ToutApp Add-In

a. Click on the gear icon in the top right

b. Click “Manage add-ins” (NOTE: If you don’t see the ‘Manage Add-Ins screen with a ‘+’ option, please go to the gear icon in the top right, then under My App Settings click Mail → Genera (on the left → Manage Add-Ins)

c. Click the “+” icon, then Add from a URL.

d. Enter and then Next.

e. Click ‘Install’

f. Click ‘OK’

4) Return to the OWA home screen to start using ToutApp



1) Go to the Exchange Admin Center:

a. Office 365: From the top left navigation on the Office 365 home page, click on the Admin button.

b. Exchange 2013 or 2016: Go to the Exchange Admin Center. The URL for the Exchange Admin Center defaults to https://<YOUR EXCHANGE SERVER>/ecp

2) Go to ‘Add-Ins’:

a. Click Exchange

b. Under “Organization”, click add-ins.

3) Add the ToutApp for OWA Add-In:

a. Click the ‘+’ Icon and then Add from URL.

b. Enter <>

c. Click Install.

4) Double Click the Toutapp add in to change the default settings for the users in your organization

5) You can use the exchange management shell to centrally manage the availability for specific users as shown here –


Note for Exchange 2013 Customers

By default, users aren’t able to install an Add-in from a URL – they can only do it from the Microsoft App Store. Admins will need to centrally install the add-in and then select the appropriate installation defaults for their organization. When the ToutApp Add-In for OWA is made Generally Available and are available in the Microsoft Store, this issue will go away as we will direct customers to install directly from the store.



1) The ‘Read View’

In the Read view you will see ‘ToutApp’ above the email body content (along with any other AddIns you have installed):

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When you click on ‘ToutApp’ you will see various options:

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2) The ‘Compose View’

In the Compose View you’ll see ‘Add-Ins’ next to ‘Send’ and ‘Attach’ – Clicking on this will reveal your list of Add-Ins:

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If you click on ToutApp you will see all the functionality to Tout your emails (Calendar, Templates, Tasks, etc):

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A NOTE About Connecting ToutApp and Outlook/Exchange:

To get the full functionality of ToutApp’s OWA Add-In, you will need to connect your ToutApp account with your Outlook account. The Add-In will prompt you to do so when you are trying to use features that require this connection, and will provide a link to setup the connection:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.34.20 AM

You can connect your ToutApp and Outlook/Exchange accounts here:

Also, there is more information on connecting the accounts here:



1) Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac Desktop Clients

At the moment we do not support using the ToutApp Add-In with Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Mac desktop clients. This support is coming, but until it arrives, installing/using the Add-In will not work in native clients.