Sales Email Templates 101

In this recorded Tout sales school session, we’ll cover how you can change your sales communications from a haphazard set of emails to a streamlined workflow.

Over here at Tout, we don’t believe templates are for blasting blind thoughtless emails. Instead, we believe templates when used correctly in the sales process can reduce repetition, save you time, and streamline your communications.

Email Templates + You = Converted Leads

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this session, its this diagram. In today’s hyper connected world, its very easy to get lost in the forest of the thousands of email messages we transact upon in a given week. The biggest thing we try to get our customers to do is take a step back and visualize their overall sales communications process with this diagram:

Once you visualize your communications process in a diagram like this, it becomes easier to think about how you can change your sales process from a haphazard set of interactions to a clean templated workflow.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below, or schedule time with one of our Happiness Officers for a 1on1 session. Also be sure to check out our video tour of Tout Email Templates.