Tout for Tout

For Every Tout Enterprise Edition Sold, We’ll Donate Tout to a Non-Profit Organization

For Enterprises

ToutApp helps sales teams close more deals with the power of Tracking, Templates and Analytics. For every Enterprise edition sold, we’ll donate Tout to a non-profit.

For Non-Profits

For every Enterprise customer we bring on, we will donate Tout for FREE to a Non-Profit organization actuating positive change. Our team will also donate our own time to help non-profits succeed.

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How Do Non-Profits Use ToutApp for Email Outreach?

Communicate with Donors & Advocates Effectively

Your outreach team members can quickly send personalized and consistent emails to advocates or donors right from inside of Gmail or Outlook using ToutApp’s customizable email templates.

Focus on the Most Engaged People

ToutApp highlights all of the emails you’ve sent and where they are in the process. By tracking Views, Clicks and Engagement, ToutApp automatically highlights the people you should be paying attention to.

ToutApp also provides you with a Real-Time Email Activity Feed, giving you real-time intelligence into if your email has been viewed and whether anyone has clicked on your link.

Nurture and Follow Up with Automation

ToutApp helps your nurture your donors and advocates with hyper-personalized emails and constantly stay in touch to develop and grow relationships at scale.

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