Why sales teams everywhere are buzzing about Tout

Sales teams everywhere are buzzing about Tout. While over 50,000 salespeople are already in the know, we decided it was time to slow down on building product and spend a bit more time talking about what exactly makes Tout the best thing to hit up the sales world since the CRM and the Auto Dialer. Thats right, we said it. Tout is the type of thing that is revolutionizing sales processes across the globe and we're going to give you the lowdown on why so that you're in-the-know.

The one resounding feedback we've gotten from our customer base is that when it comes to Tout: a) its true love once you see it, and b) seeing is believing. So, instead of putting together a long boring blog entry, or an equally snooze-worthy powerpoint presentation, we've put together a few extremely causal videos explaining the magic of Tout to you in our own style. Would you let us know what you think of this form of presentation in the comments area below?

What is Tout? Why should I care?

Fair question. With the hundreds of sales tools out there, we too get a little tired of the next hot startup thats promising to close more deals while you lay on the beach. In this short video, we explain exactly how Tout helps your sales team and why its different from Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and any other point-feature tool that people might be trying to sell to you.

If there's one thing to take away from this video, its this: Tout unifies communications sales teams so they can focus on the most engaged leads and close more deals.

Tout in Action

“I love Tout.”

Did you know that is how most of our customers describe their relationship with Tout? Although we never get tired of hearing it, we do hear that phrase day in and day out. What? A piece of software thats for salespeople and sales managers that they actually love? Watch this video and see why.

Tout for Salesforce

Now, although Tout comes with a light CRM built into it (we call it Relationships), its designed to integrate into larger CRMs like Salesforce. Today, ToutApp has a 5-star rating in the Salesforce AppExchange. When you connect Tout to your CRM, you're able to do these key things:

  • Send personalized and trackable emails to one or more leads with the click of a button (great for quickly doing your initial touch with leads)
  • Run personalized drip-campaigns on a list of leads with the click of a button (great for building relationships)
  • Automatically keep your CRM up to date. Tout automatically logs your email and phone activity for you
  • Get unique visibility across your sales team's pipeline with predictive analytics
  • …and more

Again, seeing works better. Here's a video that covers how Tout works beautifully with Salesforce.

Don't take our word for it…

Here are a few videos we've featured in the past from real customers (from tiny to small to large) talking about ToutApp. By the way, want to do a video about Tout? Get in touch with us at team@toutapp.com. If you're feeling inspired RIGHT NOW, record yourself now and send it over and I'll post it on this blog.

Mark from ConnectAndSell

Matt from Storefront

Jason from Aarki

Andrew from Tula Software

In Conclusion

This is just a glimpse into why Tout is taking the sales world by storm. In my next few posts, I'll be digging into details around various aspects of the ToutApp platform and how some of our most successful customers are using it. Want me to cover something specific? Mention it in the comments below.

Lastly, if your sales team isn't on Tout yet, you really should start a trial and talk to one of our Happiness Officers for a demo.