Why Email Tracking is a big deal for Salespeople

Marketers have been obsessing over their Email Open Rates since…well.. since the beginning of Email Marketing.

With Tout Email Tracking, we brought the same “fancy” technology to everyday 1-to-1 sales emails so that salespeople could see in real-time how prospects and leads engaged with their sales emails.

Up until now, Email Tracking for Salespeople has been a well kept secret, something that gives you that “extra edge.”

Email tracking may soon become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Today’s article titled “Email Auto-Filtering – What’s a Marketer to Do?” on a Marketing News & Expert Advice Site suggests that the rise of auto email filtering services like SaneBox and Google Smart Inbox are probably relegating those marketing emails to a folder called “Travel” rather than the person’s Inbox.

Whether it’s a folder or a “stack,” your email marketing message has found itself tightly aligned with other email communications from competitors and other vertically aligned organizations. Many systems have default categorizations that look at a variety of information within the marketing message and the email envelope to tuck the message away neatly for the recipient.

Better Inbox management and smart filtering is something that needs to happen. These filters will get better and better to get you, me, and our leads to focus on the messages that matter and ignore the ones that don’t. This is something we believe in as well.

Interestingly enough, these filters can start looking into sales emails as well. Pretty soon, I can imagine a world where your sales email will get locked out faster than a smart receptionist knows to block out cold sales calls for the CEO.

What’s a salesperson to do?

Use Email Tracking. That way, instead of wondering whether that email got through and ignored or engaged, you’ll know. In Real-Time, you’ll know whether your email gets opened, whether your presentation gets viewed, and whether your links get clicked.

How does Email Tracking help?

Obviously, being that Tout Tracking provides all this functionality, we’re a little biased. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Jeanne Burns had to say about Tout’s real-time tracking on our recent DIYMarketers article “ToutApp Does Email Marketing Like Never Before“:

Here is something even more critical. Here is how Tout’s real time analytics will improve your ability to close sales. That important email you sent two days ago, to the client you are dying to connect with was opened an hour ago. They looked at it for twelve minutes. They clicked on the links. Now is the perfect time to follow up with a phone call. Strike while the iron is hot. Increase the impact and improve your chances of closing that sale. Is there any other way to do this? None that I’m aware of.