Using ToutApp for Territory Planning

Jessica Green October 11, 2016

For my Tout friends out there. I wanted to take my last post on Territory Planning one step further and tell you a bit about how you can leverage ToutApp to make territory planning and management invaluable.

Individual Contributor

Leverage ToutApp to plan and monitor your success within your territory. Start with the following  questions:

  • Am I engaging enough of my territory?
    • Create a SFDC report using Tout data to understand your territory penetration. Use the ‘Last Activity’ and ‘Tout Current Campaign’ as columns so you can sort and see what you are missing and what is being actively worked.
  • What is the quality of my outreach?
    • Check out the messaging you are using and make adjustments based on Views, Clicks and Replies.
      • Views are an indicator of an engaging and relevant subject live
      • Clicks have to do with your content and
      • Replies tell you if your email was meaningful to the person and has a strong call to action.
    • PRO TIP: Think about tweaking your message for a particular Account Strategy, persona and industry. Sending smaller batches of emails with more tailored messaging will yield better results.
  • You probably have a set of reports that show you all of your accounts in your territory. Add a few Tout fields to those reports to help prioritize where you spend your time and which strategy to use on certain accounts.
    • Add ‘Tout Current Campaign’, ‘Tout Last Engagement’, ‘Tout Last Replied’ fields to that report to know which accounts are active and which ones you need to apply effort to. You can also see ‘Last Tout Engagement’ and get a sense for how recently they have been engaging with your content. If they are engaging but have not converted, keep on them! If they haven’t looked at your stuff in weeks…switch it up.
    • Add ‘Tout Event Count’ as a column and sort highest to lowest. Call the people at the top and for those who have not engaged at all – time to take a step back and rethink your approach!

Sales Leader

  • What are the right expectations to set around pipeline generation?
  • Set up a few sample campaigns for different stages for your sales cycle. This way the team has a set of best practices or a framework they can follow and put their own personal spin on.
    • Keep an eye out for changes that are either working really well or not working at all. These are coaching opportunities.
  • Set up a Territory Penetration report that includes ‘Tout Current Campaign’, ‘Tout Last Activity’ to answer the following questions:
    • What is your territory penetration?
    • Have you reached all of the key stakeholders in each account?
    • Where should a particular rep lean in and spend their time, based on prospect engagement?