User of the Week: Shane Scales Outreach and PR using ToutApp

Every week or so, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

I'm, Shane Jones, the Senior Social Outreach Specialist over at WebpageFX, a full service Internet Marketing Firm. I oversee our Outreach team and manage online PR for our company, so I'm constantly connected to about 3 or 4 email accounts 24/7. WebpageFX offers so many unique opportunities for our clients to expand their online presence and gain exposure for their brand so we always have to be ready to go. We're constantly trying to find scalable ways to build relationships and increase engagement with web influencers. 

Because of the success of our department, very much due to ToutApp, it's one of the fastest growing portions of our business.

Why do I love ToutApp? Because without it my whole department's structure would crumble! Maybe that's an exaggeration, but we would definitely have a really hard time living without it.

We represent so many different companies when doing their PR efforts, so we need to manage various email accounts. And when you are pitching to people on a mass scale, it's important to maintain consistent efforts across all of your emails. Tout's templating helps us keep it all straight, making sure we don't have to tailor every email when we find we're typically saying the same things. Templates allow us to focus on what's important. Now that we've done several product giveaway promotions, we don't need to spend too much extra time planning out our email structures and strategy. 

Because of Tout's tracking and analytics, we know exactly what communications work through A/B testing different subject lines, tones, and approaches.

Finally, the greatest impact is not only ToutApp's ability to help us scale our processes up personally, but also as a team. By being able to add team members, it's so easy to share our experiences and knowledge about what's working for us, and share our email templates with other members. And we LOVE the “Feedback” section on all the templates. We can offer suggestions for improvements and really monitor whats working for each team member!

So thanks, ToutApp, because you've had a huge role in our growth, and we cannot wait for more to come from you guys!