User of the Week: Bartlomiej Skorupa, Go Works

User of the Week: Bartlomiej Skorupa

Company: Groundwork Oppurtunities (GO)

How long they’ve used ToutApp: December 2013
1. What’s your job? Tell us a bit about what you do and where you work.
My name is Bartlomiej Jan Skorupa and I am the co-founder and Executive Director of Groundwork Opportunities (GO), a nonprofit based in San Francisco. GO invests in leaders who have the capacity to end poverty in their communities. By engaging a global network through technology, GO is able to provide these leaders with the tools — visibility, training and seed funding — they need to bring their projects to scale and accelerate systemic change in their own communities and beyond. You can learn more about me and our work here.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

GO connects local leaders who have the capacity to end poverty to an audience of potential supporters—we call these philanthropists “GO Champions.” With dedicated support from GO staff, Champions volunteer their time to publicize and fundraise for a specific leader and their project(s). ToutApp makes it super simple for us to send GO Champions letters about how to effectively share their story, raise funds, and give them support they need to engage an audience of support for our local leaders. From inspiring the next generation of philanthropists to encouraging those already in the movement, ToutApp makes it easy to stay personal while staying efficient.

You help our family grow while not losing the human element so vital in our work

3. What is one interesting/unknown fact about yourself?

I have a coral reef named after my dive partner and me (“Bart-Rek”) as we were the first humans to ever discover it. I am greatly humbled to know that we were the very first people in the history of our planet to discover something, especially since it continually reminds me how little we know about our own oceans.

4. Favorite place you’ve ever visited?

Zanzibar. My wife and I loved it so much we had our wedding there late last year.

5. What’s the best email you’ve received?

Can't meet, sorry, killer bear on the loose. Moscow these days, you know? Have fun  in Siberia.
All best,

This was sent to me by my good friend James, who is a reporter at Russia Today in Moscow. I was staying at his apartment and this was his goodbye message to me. We never got to grab one last drink together as this damn killer bear that was rampaging the streets of Moscow and he was dispatched to cover the story. I had already booked my train ticket to Siberia and this was the most epic goodbye email I have ever received.


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