Updates to Email Unsubscribes

*NOTE: We have decided to push back the release date for the update to unsubscribes from its original release date on April 27th. More to come on an updated release date.


We’re improving ToutApp to help you stay compliant with current and future email privacy laws and regulations. Beginning on April 27, 2018, all emails sent from ToutApp.com (and by using the “Email with Tout” button in SFDC) will have an unsubscribe link appended to the bottom.

Why the update?

In an effort to prepare for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we analyzed how unsubscribes are handled in Tout today. Along with your feedback, the team has identified and addressed areas of improvement within the opt-out feature. In addition to helping you to address GDPR compliance, this update offers many additional benefits to your organization.

What’s included in the update?

First and foremost – with the addition of the unsubscribe link on all emails sent from ToutApp.com, you’ll now have much better visibility into unsubscribe history. For example, all unsubscribed contacts will now have additional metadata – including when they unsubscribed and how the unsubscribe was created.

If your CRM is Salesforce, these unsubscribes will automatically be pushed there – just like they are today. However, if you would like to differentiate between Sales and Marketing unsubscribes, you can leverage a new field we’ve created for you in Salesforce called “Sales Opt Out”. This way, your team can still send sales communications to your contacts that have opted out of receiving Marketing specific content.

General Updates:

  • All emails (individual, group, campaigns) sent from Salesforce and ToutApp.com will have an unsubscribe link appended to the bottom
  • Emails sent from Gmail or Outlook using Tout will not include the unsubscribe link
  • When a contact unsubscribes from your emails, this applies to the rest of your team using Tout – no one will be able to email them
  • Admins have the ability to see all contacts that have been unsubscribed across the team
  • Unsubscribe history information including the source and date of the unsubscribe can be seen in the contacts details

Admin Updates:

  • Admins are now able to set the unsubscribe message for their team, so all unsubscribe text can have brand approved messaging
  • Admins can now choose how unsubscribes get synced to salesforce – either to the standard Opt Out field or to a new ‘Sales Opt Out’ field created by ToutApp

To get the nitty gritty on unsubscribe changes, please read our FAQ and as always, if you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to our support team here