Personalizing Emails- Every trick in the book!


Here are a couple of tricks that we constantly utilize to write better emails.

Want to get better response rates? The more personalized and unique you get in your emails, the more engagement you’ll have.

I’ll admit, our CEO contemplated giving away our secret “selling sauce”, but since sales is about teamwork, I’ve convinced him to do so! Here are the core things that will help you write great emails/templates, and above all, close more deals.

8 Personalizing Tricks:

1. LinkedIn

Salespeople live and breathe on LinkedIn, so make sure you know how to effectively customize your searches to leverage your networks. Ways to get hyper specific:

  • Look at Relationships (you want to reach out to 3rd degree connection vs. 1st for prospecting new leads)
  • Geographical location (All VP of Sales in San Francisco)
  • Look for “uncommon commonalities”
    -Adam Grant, the youngest Wharton Professor in Psychology has coined this term. It basically states that a lot of people can find easy commonalities…but it’s more powerful to find an uncommon commonality.

*Sales Hack: Here’s an example: Instead of reaching out to someone on LinkedIn with the subject line, “Fellow Brown Grad…”  Go to their profile, and find something deeper; like their hobbies or clubs. Start with the subject line, “Fellow skier on the Brown team.” It will be more powerful and make you stand out.

2. Google Search Tricks

There are other ways to Google companies that you might not know of–believe me, they’re pretty cool. As a salesperson, it’s important to do research before you make a connection (whether it’s via email or a call).

  • Use the “News” tab vs. the “Web” tab when doing company research to get fresh content; when you Google that’s not always the case
  • Find competitors by searching for “company X vs.”
  • Go to for all the blog mentions on Company X; different than traditional press because you find out what customers, influencers, and industry experts are saying
  • Do smart searches like:
    -“X raises” for funding
    -“X hires” for key hires
    -“X reviews” for online-reviews

3. Company’s Blog

We like to say that, “A company’s blog is the gateway to their soul.” Always make sure you read a company’s blog to understand what is top of mind for them. Are they writing posts about new VP’s or hires? That would lead you to believe they’re hiring. Are they talking about a product release? They really care about product innovation. The trick in sales is to find something in common to talk about, and their blog is a way to find a common denominator. Things to look for:

  • Pay attention who is writing
  • Know their priorities
  • Pay attention to product releases and key hires

4. Crunchbase

This is the go-to place to find intel on companies. Especially when you’re dealing with early-stage or companies raising money. You’ll get an incredible amount of information like:

  • Links to recent press mentions
  • Who their advisors, employees, and investors are
  • The one-line description they use to describe themselves

5. Glassdoor

Our CEO deems this one of his favorite sales hacks. Glassdoor is a great way to get an inside look at company culture. You’ll have a better idea for what kind of vibe your call/email should have. You can use all of this information as ammunition. “I’ve critically thought about your company, and I think your challenge might be this…I can help!”

  • See if employees are happy and read reviews
  • Are they hiring?
  • Get an eye into day-to-day challenges, issues, pros and cons

6. Sites

Job sites are important to see where the company is growing. Are they hiring for marketing roles? Perhaps they need more marketing tools to handle their growth. Every position a company has open says something about that company. This gives you:

  • Glimpse into their strategic roles
  • Tells you about corporate priorities–>all the way up to the board level!
  • Ex: “Hey, we work with a ton of companies that have large sales teams too (if they’re hiring for a lot of sales roles), let me know when you’re free to chat…”


You can type in a domain and it will give you similar sites and competitors based on data.

  • Use as a leverage or to better understand the landscape

8. GageIn (Google Alerts on steroids)

  • Get up to date articles on companies or people you want to watch
  • Finds real-time sales opportunities including websites and blogs
  • Displays a unique 360-degree view of companies


All of these tools will help you pick up clues and put together the bigger picture for who you are emailing, what they care about, and deeper information about the company. If you get into the discipline for using these personalization tools, you’ll become a better seller. For more Do’s and Don’ts on these sales hacks, watch the full webinar: