ToutApp Turns Three!

ToutApp was founded back in 2010 as a simple tool to write your emails faster and track them. Today we help over 45,000 customers crystalize and streamline their day-to-day communications process as one of the leading sales communications platforms and we are pretty happy about it.

We're only pretty happy because much like a toddler starting to develop his own personality and character and likes and dislikes, we feel like we're just getting started in leading the change in how salespeople communicate.

ToutApp has been through quite the journey over the years let's take a look back.


  • Created Email Templates
  • Introduced Email Tracking


  • Rolled out integration with Gmail and Google Apps
  • Integrations with Highrise, Batchbook, Capsule
  • Introduced team collaboration features 
  • The Live Feed was created 


  • Rolled out Salesforce integration
  • Outlook integrations
  • Introduced attachment tracking
  • Website tracking
  • Made ToutApp enterprise ready
  • Introduced an analytics dashboard 

We have grown our team, our product and customers. Thank you all for being a part of the ToutApp jourmey and for what is to come. Without our amazing customers we would not be where we are today. Thanks for all your feedback and support over the years. Cannot wait for the years to come as the leading sales communications platform. Wish ToutApp a happy 3rd birthday today!