ToutApp Tip: Create Sales Email Campaigns

This best practice on how to use ToutApp is brought to you by one of our awesome users, Levi McClendon from Mobivity. Check out more best practices for how to use Tout here, or you can submit your own tip.

I’ve created a customized email follow-up sequence using the ‘Using this Template in this Category’ feature. I love this option because I can drip on a prospect for as long as I need to without logging back in and sending emails out manually. I’m able to market and prospect to hundreds of clients at a time with very little effort.

Being able to then look at the average views and clicks with these templates helps me tweak my other messages to be more successful with open and click rates.

Our campaigns feature lets you set up a series of emails to go out, one after the other. We’ll automatically send each email and include tracking so that you can see who’s engaging in your live email activity feed.

To to create your own email campaigns, log into ToutApp and click “Edit” next to the email template of your choice. When scrolling down, you’ll see the “Whenever I use this template” dialog box, and you can choose a series of sales email templates to be linked together.