ToutApp selected as a contestant for CRM Idol Competition

We’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting to announce this…

ToutApp is a contestant in this year’s CRM Idol competition! 


We’re so honored to have been selected as a contestant and to be included along with the likes of products we respect including Nimble, PipeDrive and select others.


Because we consider ourselves to be at the intersection of CRM and email, being selected as a nominee for CRM Idol marks a huge stride for us over here at ToutApp.

Over the past 2 years, and at nearly 30,000 users, we’ve taken a very principled approach into understanding and solving the pain points salespeople have to deal as they switch back and forth between their CRM, email clients and mobile phones. We’re super excited to show the CRM Idol judges how our product is leading the evolution of CRM and email.

We’ll be blogging along the way so you can share in the excitement, talk about our preparations, and hopefully even announce a unique integration with another contestant. Wish us luck!

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