ToutApp Re-Launches a 2-year Old Feature: Group Emails

Today, ToutApp is re-launching our Group Emails feature, which we’ve had for nearly 2-years on our platform. Why? Because we can. And because we think it is an awesome aspect of our platform.

The Group Emails feature has been one of the cornerstones of the ToutApp Sales Acceleration Platform and something we’ve improved and perfected over time. It has helped countless SDR, Inside and Success teams nurture relationships with their contacts at-scale while conforming to CAN-SPAM laws.

What are Group Emails?

Group Emails (some old timers call it Mail Merge) allow you to create a target group of contacts (from a CSV, from Salesforce, or from a filtered list in ToutApp based on engagement data) and then email them in just a couple of clicks using a dynamic and personalized template.

For an overview of how this works, check out this video tour of group emails.

To learn how you can personalize your Group Emails to the extreme, with unsubscribes and sender information, check out this tutorial on sending personalized emails.

Can I automatically follow up on Group Emails?

Absolutely. Automatically following up on emails and group emails is one of the most powerful aspects of ToutApp as well.

How can I personalize Group Emails?

Just like the rest of the ToutApp platform, everything is slanted toward personalization. With Group Emails, just like our Email Templates, you will be able to pull in live Salesforce CRM data, Custom Billing Data, and basic Contact Information Data. Check out this blog entry about Personalized Dynamic Fields.

How does this affect Deliverability?

One of the things we always recommend is that you DO NOT send Group Emails through your Google and Gmail account. It hurts your account’s reputation, emails tend to get blocked, and you can encounter deliverability issues. We’ve even seen cases where people can get locked out of their accounts because of abuse. Our platform partners with a number of Premium email delivery providers and can also integrate with your Enterprise SMTP server to ensure proper throttling, tracking and deliverability around your group emails.

How does this compare with The Other Guys?

We get it. Every day there is a shiny new company popping up promising you a better Sales Email experience. Rest assured that we’ve been perfecting our platform for nearly three years and we have the most rock solid performance. To help you compare, here’s a comparison of what’s out there compared to Tout’s Group Emails.

Feature ToutApp The CopyCats
Send Group Emails to 200 People for Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce Yes Gmail Only
Send Group Emails to 1,000 People for Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce Yes No
Send Through SMTP, ESPs, Etc. Yes No
Send Throttling and Deliverability Yes No
Personalized Fields Yes Limited
Dynamic Fields from CRM Yes No
Dynamic Fileds from Any Data Source Yes No
Unsubscribe Functionality Yes No
CAN-SPAM Compliance Support Yes No
Send from CSV, Including Custom Fields for Personalization Yes Limited
Send from Salesforce Contacts or Leads Yes No
Send to people based on Engagement Tracking Data Yes No
Automatically Follow Up on Group Emails Yes No
Detailed View, Click, Presentation and Website Tracking for Group Emails Yes Limited

In Conclusion

Over here, we’ve been committed to providing you with the biggest, best and most robust Sales Acceleration Platform for nearly 3 years. We’ve battle hardened our features, we’re constantly innovating, and we’ll continue to make sure you have the best experience; even for features that are nearly 2+ years old.