ToutApp’s New Marketo Integration

Conquering the Divide: Marketing and Sales

It’s your typical sales scenario.

Marketing receives a lead from a webinar or website sign-up, they create messaging, and then send it along to the sales team. They wait, they hope, and over time, they see if the communication leads to conversion. There isn’t a lot of transparency throughout the entire sales process such as: real-time click through rates, most engaged leads, insight into what’s being opened, etc.

Meanwhile, Sales teams are not finding the messaging or sales enablement training effective, and Marketing is confused because they have data saying otherwise.

Well folks, we think it’s finally time to create a system that makes both sides happy and closer than ever. ToutApp’s new integration with Marketo cleverly bridges the divide between marketing and sales that has kept each department ignorant about what happens during the other half of the selling process. This unprecedented level of collaboration between two historically divided teams will make it effortless for sales and marketing to share insights

What will you get?

1. A unified view of the entire customer funnel
2. Unprecedented level of collaboration between two historically divided teams
3. Real-time sales activities and engagement data will be fed directly into Marketo’s lead record
4. Marketers get a 360-degree view of what happens to leads once they cross over to the sales side
5. Never again will sales reps have to worry about marketing getting in the way of a sales email with a blast campaign

Marketo is for Marketing. ToutApp is for Sales.

“Marketing and sales have always had a tumultuous relationship because of the lack of visibility each department has into the other’s activities.”

“This new integration provides a full picture of the entire customer acquisition process and enables sales and marketing teams to work together to find out what messaging works, without wasting valuable time assembling notes and debriefing the other side.”

-ToutApp CEO Tawheed Kader.

Driving Sales and Marketing Alignment

When sales and marketing teams have easy access to a unified view of the customer across the entire process, they can quickly work together on how to boost conversion rates. Instead of each team preparing lengthy reports about how they are interacting with prospects, the ToutApp integration with Marketo automatically provides the data that enables marketing and sales teams to rapidly identify which strategies are most effective. In other words, Marketing teams can find out which of the prospects they send to salespeople are actually converting to real customers, and in turn sales teams can see which marketing strategies generate the most successful leads as fast as possible.

It’s an addictive win for both sides.

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