ToutApp joins Marketo

Tawheed Kader April 20, 2017

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that ToutApp has been acquired by Marketo.

The ToutApp team, including myself, will be joining Marketo and will form the new Engagement Applications group to help lead the charge in Marketo’s goal of becoming the next generation Customer Engagement Platform. This deal is a huge win for ToutApp and Marketo customers and for ToutApp’s stellar team.

Why Marketo?

Here at ToutApp, we’ve always believed in the convergence and alignment between Sales and Marketing. While we always viewed Marketing Automation companies as being complementary to what we do, it wasn’t until I met Steve Lucas, Marketo’s CEO, and heard his vision for an end-to-end Engagement Platform did we truly realize the power of potentially joining forces.

When we took a deeper look at our own customer base, especially our Enterprise segment, which is our fastest growing segment, it turned out that a whopping 61% of our customer base used Marketo. 

We explored Marketo’s offering around Marketing Automation, Web Personalization, Marketo Sales Insights, and their new Account Based Marketing product and thought about the potential of integrating ToutApp straight into the mix with our Sales Enablement and Sales Engagement offerings. 

It became clear that a unified customer engagement platform combining best of breed marketing and sales technologies would make us unstoppable in the market. 

Most importantly, this unified vision would give us a true engagement platform that delivers the right mix of automation and personalization across multiple channels — all at enterprise scale.

And so, when Steve approached us about an acquisition, it quickly became hard to say No.

How does this impact you as a Customer?

ToutApp’s team and product line is now backed by the might and resources of Marketo, the global leader in Customer Engagement technology. This means that not only will ToutApp customers continue to thrive on our platform, they will experience incredible innovation in both their Marketing and Sales engagement technology investments.

What should you expect next?

We have an incredible roadmap which we’ve been talking through with our customers during EBRs and sales calls. We plan to continue to innovate, except now at a faster pace, and in a more integrated way than ever before.

We plan to continue to make significant investments into Tout Campaigns (for personalized pipeline generation), Tout Templates and Content (for sales enablement) and continue to expand our presence in Gmail and Outlook (for driving sales productivity). Analytics providing end to end attribution across the Marketing and Sales funnel will be a joint initiative we take on to deliver to the CRO and CMO a macro view of how demand and revenue gets generated.

The Vision

We started ToutApp so that sales people everywhere can engage with customers with the right message at the right time at every stage of the buyer journey. Whether it is a hyper-personalized prospecting email, sharing Case Studies at the Discovery phase, or running a multi-touch campaign with the right mix of personalization and automation — we wanted to add value and analytics to that process. With this acquisition, we’ll be able to continue to execute toward that vision with a platform built for Marketing and Sales.

Special Thanks

About a year ago, ToutApp went on to make significant changes to our go to market strategy and how we do business. They were tough changes but they yielded record quarters for us and continued success for our customers. This is a testament to the people on our team who never gave up and showed up every day to work hard for delivering for our customers.

Six years ago, I started ToutApp in the second bedroom of my apartment in Connecticut. Through that time, countless people have joined the team and bled Tout blue to serve our customers and create a brand new category of Sales Software that never existed before.

I also want to especially thank all of our investors for believing in us and supporting us in this outcome including: 500 Startups, Founder Collective, Launch Fund, Jackson Square Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz.

The team and I are incredibly excited about joining Marketo and continuing our mission to help people communicate better. To learn more about Marketo and how Marketing and Sales engage to win, visit us at

  • Godspeed brother. Looking forward to what’s next.

  • silverfoxf7

    Congrats, TK! Long time fan of Tout (check out this blast from the past in 2011: ). I’m a big believer in a unified engagement platform, combining sales acceleration tech with marketing automation.

  • Misha Sobolev

    TK – congrats! That’s an amazing outcome for the most awesome product and company.

  • congrats & best wishes TK!

  • Congrats from one email company to another! :) Your work was an inspiration to us at Nylas and I’m really excited to see what comes next as you join Marketo. 🚀

  • Congrats guys! Well deserved and a testament to all the hard work you guys continue to put in at the company. Go Tout!!!

  • Larry Putterman

    TK, Congratulations! Looking forward to the new inovations and a new and improved ios app. You picked a good partner.

  • Ryan O’Hara

    Congrats TK! Huge win for the space