ToutApp Announces Partnership with HighSpot

Today, we’re incredibly excited to be announcing our partnership with Highspot. This marks an important point in the industry where a dominant sales communications workflow platform is joining forces with a sales enablement platform to deliver a seamless and unified customer experience.

When we started ToutApp, we had the express goal of streamlining the sales workflow and communications inside of where salespeople spend a ton of their time: their email client. Over time, we’ve expanded that workflow into our own web-based communications client, expanded from email to phone calls, and today, through our partnership with Highspot, we’re helping make Sales Enablement Content a first class citizen.

Interestingly enough, this partnership was driven by customer demand. With the already existing number of common customers, we look forward to delivering this deep integrations to more customers together.

Click here to read full press release.

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Want to see us in action? Join us for the Sales Enablement Soiree event in San Francisco on 10/06, click here for details.


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