Tout University

Tara Meyer October 7, 2016

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the all new Tout University! Here at ToutApp, we’re always looking to make sure we keep pushing the limits on delivering an awesome customer experience and ensure every sales team gets great results with Tout.

We partnered with our most successful customers to understand how they learn, adopt ToutApp and the best practices they’ve found to drive results with Tout.

Based on our learnings, we’ve added an entire suite of resources to Tout University including an all new Getting Started Guide, Help Form and Role Based Guides to help you get the most value out of Tout, make on boarding yourself or team seamless and allow you to get effective help when you run into any road bumps.


Take a look at what’s new

Help Form

  • A new smart layer in the Help Form that knows where in the product you are coming from to serve up recommended articles so you can quickly get answers
  • Comprehensive answers to popular questions and issues on demand in the Help Form
  • Need to talk to a human? The new Help Form makes it easy to get the most out of contacting support.
  • Learn more about the form and why we built it

Getting Started, Role Based and Tout Feature Guides

  • Getting Started Guide – The fastest way to get started with ToutApp and onboard your team. Start Touting within minutes!
  • Role Based Guides –  To master ToutApp we want to help you think about your day to day job and where Tout can either save you time or give you invaluable insight about what to do next whether you are prospecting or in late stage negotiations. Master Tout for prospecting and closing deals. Plus videos, checklists and best practices for Sales Leaders and Tout Admins. Check out how use Tout specific to your role.
  • Feature Guides – Whether you’re just getting started or a long time Touter, get the most out of Tout with videos, pro tips and sales best practices

The Tout Success Team’s 4 Favorite Updates

  1. ‘Popular Answers’ to common questions when using campaigns.screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-1-06-16-pm
  2. The Tout Template Guide – Learn Best Practices to Use Tout Templates for Prospecting and Closing Deals. Actionable tips for writing sales emails.
  3. Sales Leader Guide – Learn how sales leaders use Tout data, templates and campaigns to digitize and measure their sales playbook. Video and worksheet to Digitize Your Sales Playbook.
  4. Tout Admin Guide –  Learn how to get your team launched & best practices for managing ongoing success with Tout.

Our goal is for Tout University to be your go – to hub for on boarding, fast and effective help and best practices for ongoing success with ToutApp.

Check out the new Guides and Help Form, and let us know what you think!