Tout Tip: Use Email Tracking to Learn When to Call

“I send fairly targeted emails to prospects that are a good fit for my company's product offering, a niche software product. I generally see the recipients open the emails within a few hours, and many times I see that they've clicked on a link in my email to a relevant blog post or product demo video.

I generally don't jump on these people right away… but, like clockwork, these prospects open the email again within 2 to 3 days and click the links again. When I see this second click happen, I call them within fifteen minutes and say “Hi, I was calling to follow up on the email I sent a few days ago….” A high percentage of these people are very receptive at this point, and a huge number say something like “Wow, I was just thinking about you!”

Point is… sending these emails is like fishing. You certainly don't set the hook unless you feel a nibble, and even when you DO feel a nibble, you still need to let the fish get the hook all the way into its mouth…THEN set the hook. The folks that clicked the links the first time around? They're warm leads, but the “double-openers” are hot leads. In the 4th quarter, I'll be moving my videos to Wistia so that I have a better idea of just how warm these single-clickers are.”

This best practice on how to use ToutApp is brought to you by one of our awesome users, Don Mulligan from Race HQ. Check out more best practices for how to use Tout here, or you can submit your own tip