Tout Phone gets smarter

Back in May, we announced that we now support International Calling, Call Recording and Local Presence as part of our Tout Phone offering. And, as you’ve continued to adopt Tout phone, we’ve continued to incorporate your feedback. Today we’re excited to share the following features and fixes with you:

1. Cold Outreach Support:

Previously, you couldn’t call someone with Tout Phone if they didn’t have an email address.  You’ll now be able to use Tout phone in Salesforce for Contacts and Leads you don’t have an email address for just quite yet. These calls will create a record in and log to their corresponding record in Salesforce.

You can now create contacts without an email address by using Push to Tout in Salesforce, too.

If you don’t use Salesforce – no sweat. We’ve also expanded this functionality to You’ll now be able to upload .CSV files with phone numbers and no email addresses.

2. Multiple Number Support:

Now, when a record from Salesforce has multiple phone numbers listed – you can call ANY of those numbers via Tout Phone.

This update is available in both:

  • Salesforce
  • In Tout – on the contact record

3. Extension NumberSupport:

You can now save phone extensions as the primary number for a contact. Previously, you had to save the extension as another phone number in Tout.


Now, you can save numbers in the following formats:

  • `415 415 5000 ext 321`
  • `415 415 5000 x321

*Please note you will still have to manually enter the extension while using Phone.

4. Additional fixes for Phone:

  • A fix for instances where Call Recordings were not being saved
  • We are now showing a more useful error message if a number is improperly formatted in Tout Phone
  • The Tout progress bar no longer shows up every second during and after a call
  • A fix for an error where customers weren’t able to verify their phone numbers
  • Phone now loads 5x faster in Salesforce
  • The Call box in Tout now closes on it’s own after clicking “Save”

Looking to become a Tout Pro? Visit Tout University for more tips and tricks.

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