Tout and Salesforce: Email Templates and email tracking within your CRM

With many recent user questions about this key aspect of our product, we thought we’d highlight one of our most popular plugins: Salesforce.

We built out a plugin to send trackable, HTML Salesforce emails from templates that you create. While Salesforce has its own templating feature, what Tout adds to the equation is our email tracking and analytics. We’ll also give you a central repository to send templates from. If you’re using an iPhone, Gmail, or Outlook, you’ll be able to access and use your templates across all of those services.

To reach out to a lead within Salesforce using Tout, we’ll automatically fill in all the info you need to get in touch with someone. Below is a shot of an example Salesforce template to load up for a lead. You can see all the information in red that will be filled in when you email your lead:

Now you can pull up your lead and click the “Email with Tout” button to get in touch.

Click the name of your template, and this is what pops up almost instantaneously:

This entire process takes less than 15 seconds, and it gives your lead a personalized email right from within Salesforce. Finally, we’ll log the record of that email in your lead’s Activity History so you and your team can reference it later.

If you rely heavily on Salesforce at your job and also happen to be emailing a lot, Tout can be a lifesaver. Check out our Salesforce email tracking, template, and productivity app in the AppExchange.