Tout 4.0 – The Total Tout Toolkit

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Tout 4.0! It’s the Total Tout Toolkit – everything you need to send your email – faster, better, and smarter. For those of you who have been using Tout for a while, you’ll probably recognize some of the tools and features, and you’ll probably start jumping up and down when (spoiler alert) you see the amazing new ones we’re releasing today.

Send Your Emails Faster

Gmail Integration
We know you wanted it. Tout’s Gmail Integration allows you to use the templates you’ve already created, right from Gmail. You can use Tout+Gmail with new emails and with replies. Don’t worry – we still offer the same click and view tracking you expect. In fact, you can now add view and click tracking to any email you’re sending through Gmail. Want to see how it works? Check it out below!

Browser Extensions
If you’ve ever looked up an email address on a website, you need this. Tout’s browser extensions read email addresses off a page, then let you send a Tout message to any address on the page, all without ever leaving the page. You’ll never have to do that back and forth, copy and paste mess again.

Distribution Lists
We know that there are certain people you email over and over. Your investors, your top customers, your team. When you want to send them all an email, you’re probably sending an email to yourself, BCCing everyone else, and starting the message with “Hi All.” Tout’s distribution lists let you send (and track) an individual, personalized email to each person. 25 personalized emails? Takes about 5 seconds.

iPhone App
Want to send your Tout emails on-the-go? Not only will our iPhone app let you send, personalize and schedule your email in a few simple clicks, it will also show you who is reading and clicking on your important emails. Tout goes where you go, so you never miss a beat.

Send Smarter Emails

Dynamic Templates
Sending email requires a lot more than just typing. There are some emails that always require a CC or a BCC, or an attachment. With Dynamic Templates, those types of repetitive actions aren’t necessary. You can set any template to automatically CC or BCC any email address, or attach any document. It even works within Gmail, so we still save you time, even when you’re Touting from your everyday email client.

Salesforce Integration
We know a lot of you love Salesforce. We love Salesforce too. That’s why we’re announcing our light Salesforce integration, along with our other rich CRM integrations. With this Salesforce integration, Tout will automatically send every single Tout email to your Salesforce account. Your BCC days are over. We’re really excited about continuing to improve this integration so that you can

Rich CapsuleCRM, Batchbook, and Highrise Integration
If you’re using any of the CRM’s above, you’re doubly in luck. Tout offers a rich CRM integration, which means that not only will Tout automatically copy every single Tout email you send to your CRM, we’ll also send notifications of views and clicks. When you look up a contact in your CRM, not only will you see the email history, you’ll also see the history of how they interacted with your email.

But really, we love all CRMs.
A few months ago, we announced a CC/BCC feature, so that you can always BCC any other CRM you’re using. Did you know that you can even save a BCC per template, so that any time you send a template, it automatically sends the email to your CRM? Yep. We did that.

Send a Better Message

Communication Is Hard
It just is. And despite all the tools at your disposal, if you can’t find a way to improve the core of your message, you’re never going to improve your business. We’re working with business experts to understand where the barriers to success exists, and we’re finding real solutions.

Tout Template Library
A few months ago, we announced the Template Library, designed to be a home for emails that we know work. We’ve reached out to tons of experts to share the emails that have worked for them. The best part is, with just a click of a button, you can add any of those proven templates to your Tout account and start sending them right away.

Tout University
Along with our homepage redesign, we’re releasing the new Tout University – a way for you to find knowledge and ideas about better ways to send email. For most people, email has become a necessary business process, but there hasn’t been much innovation around organizing and streamlining the actual process, and making sure that it’s working for you. If you’re ready to really manage the email process, improve your messaging, and create better strategies for using email to achieve your professional goals.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about Tout 4.0. If you have any questions about Tout 4.0, getting started with Tout, or about email in general, just shoot us an email!