Top Sales Influencers Every Sales Leader Should Follow

Anadelia Fadeev July 6, 2016

Part of being a sales leader is staying up-to-date on latest trends in the ever changing realm of sales. Social media has made it easier than ever to connect and share knowledge across various networks in one easy click. As social media continues its domination in sales, we have created a list of the most influential sales leaders that you should follow on Twitter today.

Whether it’s the latest on social selling or tips on how to keep your team productive, by following these influencers you’ll be sure to learn and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the sales world.

  • Elinor Stutz – Sales Consultant at Smooth Sale 

  • Gerhard Gschwandtner – Founder and Publisher at Selling Power 

  • Jill Rowley – Evangelist and Startup Advisor 

  • Jill Konrath – Keynote Speaker and Author 

  • Koka Sexton – Head of Social Media at LinkedIn

  • Amazing list of inspirational sales influencers. There are a few names I recognize, and even more that I look forward to learning from more. My goal is to be included in one of these lists one day. Thank you for the inspiration on the big shoes I have to fill!