The State of the Email Union

Email is not dead and its not going to die and in fact, its only going to get better from here.

This past Wednesday, hundreds of people that believe in Email's longetivity gathered at the Inbox Love conference in Mountain View, CA from far reaches of the world including Israel, Australia, Canada and from across the United States to talk about the state and future of Email.

Email Usage and Email Spend Continues to Grow

The latest report says there are 182+ billion emails sent every day (not counting spam), 72 of which are for business. Nearly $13 billion is spent yearly on maintaining Email Infrastructure alone. While the major corporations including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo still operate their Webmail businesses as a loss leader, multi-million dollar budgets still exist for putting money toward Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and the plethora of Email productivity and automation tools, integrations and plugins that exist to standard platforms. On top of that, when you start to look at the amount of money being spent on Email marketing via leaders such as Responsys, Cheetahmail and Xacttarget, the significance of Emails becomes quite clear. 

Email is a Strategic Loss Leader

Furthermore, with the recent acquisitions in the email space including Sparrow by Google, Pardot by ExactTarget, and OtherInbox by Return Path and the renewed push for a better Hotmail with, it has become clear that even as a loss leader business, Email is a strategic must-have platform to make other related properties profitable. In the case of Return Path, and with the general emergence of Big Data, it is also starting to become clear exactly how much the data in a person's Inbox is worth in raw dollars.

Email Competitors and Viability

Email is huge and while the likes of Chatter and Yammer (well maybe not Yammer, everyone knows thats just a ghost town) will continue to replace Email for internal collaboration and for collaboration across well established relationships (VIP Customers, Partners, Vendors, etc), Email will continue to grow as the primary ubiquitous and distributed communications network for the Internet.

Email will Evolve

However, it is important to note that Email is not going to stay static. Even in the last 6 months, we've started to see huge advances in Email related features.

Over here at ToutApp, we're leading the movement to build an insanely great business class email experience with things like email tracking, templates, scheduling, and analytics. But even beyond us, companies like MovableInk are doing amazing things with Dynamic Email for marketers, and Boomerang is finally making your calendar behave properly inside your Inbox.

In my next blog post, I'll outline the Top 5 Key Trends happening in the Email space that will help us truly evolve messaging on the Internet for the years to come.