The Results of Using Video in SDR Outreach

Two weeks ago, we equipped SDR extraordinaire Kelly with her own custom videos. The videos included a generalized “video voicemail” designed for first touches, a “last try” for last-ditch attempts, and a personalized video, recorded for a single, high-value prospect. (If you missed them, check out the blog posts about creating the videos here and here.)

Since then, Kelly’s been sending out the videos to prospects all over the world. Now it’s time to look at the preliminary results.

Here are ToutApp’s pipeline leaderboards for December ’15 and January ’16. (Sensitive info redacted).

kelly december circled

Pipeline Opportunity Value, December 2015

kelly january circled

Pipeline Opportunity Value, January 2016


Kelly’s killing it. She’s piped 50% more than last month with still a week to go in this one, and she’s gone from solid performer to wide-margin leader amongst the team.

Zooming in, here are the analytics on Kelly’s “First Touch” template. It touts an absurdly high success rate of 13.3%. A 5% success rate is considered excellent.


To note: three of Kelly’s meetings were booked without the prospect ever replying to the email. The reason? She called these prospects a few minutes after noticing in the Tout Live Feed that they’d viewed the video. She found they were much more responsive to her call than usual. In one of those calls she booked a meeting on the spot.

Needless to say, Kelly and her managers are thrilled.

Here’s Kelly’s perspective:


Disclaimer: this study is far from definitive; it’s a small sample with a single rep. To figure out the real ROI on video we need 10X the data spread over different SDRs. So starting next month, we’re rolling out video voicemail for the rest of our Sales Development team. We’ll let you know how it goes.


Interested in equipping your own reps with videos like Kelly’s? Next week, we’ll show you how to set up a studio in your own office and create your own — no experience necessary.