The Luck of a Salesman

It’s been said that part of sales is luck. Sometimes, you get that one-call close or lucky deal that has you questioning, “How the heck did this happen?” Was it fate, or did you really just rock that deal? The reality is, you’ll never fully know the answer. As you know, some assumptions in the sales world are about as real as Leprechauns. 

Although LUCK may not be explained…we think it can be manipulated! If you mix it with perseverance, smarts, and an innate sense for finding pain points…you have yourself quite the salesman. Legend says, that if a Leprechaun is captured, he has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for his release.

Here are three secrets that will get the Luck o’ the Irish on your side and help you get more of those lucky deals:

1. Organize your Email Campaigns.

Creating a drip campaign is a solid pot of gold. You might have heard this before, but it will help you set-up your emails in a strategic manner and stay fresh in your potential buyer’s mind. It's also the easiest trick for follow-ups. They’ll think you have superpowers for staying organized and will recognize your passion for selling. 

2. Use your X-ray vision (did you know you have it)?


Make sure to gain as much insight as possible with each lead; don't cut corners! This means tracking when emails are clicked, noticing which attachments are being opened, and most importantly, seeing when they have time to talk. Odds are, if they’re surfing your website at that moment, they have time to pick up the phone. Get lucky and call them at the moment they’re thinking of you! Easiest Leprachaun trick in the book!

3. What are the odds?

A/B test your messages. Did you know you can test which messaging work best, and see what’s getting the most engagement? Sometimes, we get lucky and any old email works on a client. Why not turn that luck into reality and use the right templates that get you green stuff? Send two emails out with different messaging (on similar clients), and see which one gains more engagement through clicks, attachments, etc. 


Alas, even if you aren’t an Irish Salesman, you'll be one of the luckiest in the land if you follow these secrets. By organizing your email campaigns, and then tracking them effectively, it'll look like you have the ability to grant their wishes ! Plus, you'll save time writing emails and doing the busy work. It's a great way to know which messaging brings you the most luck!  

Happy St. Paddy's from Team ToutApp!