Top 5 Email Mistakes You Need to Avoid

I recently sent out a BAD sales email.

Bad sales emails often go under the radar because most likely they won’t result in a reply or a sale.

It’s a bit easier to identify ideas around what some of our “best” emails look like based on positive responses they’ve led to in the past. To start writing better sales emails, it’s important to take a look into what doesn’t work. 

5 Email Mistakes that most likely will result in a “Delete”

1. Typos and basic grammar mistakes. When sending a sales email the impression you make is key, especially within your first communication. Typos and basic grammar mistakes = loss of credibility. The focus shifts from selling to “why is this person wasting my time with an email they didn’t edit.” Lesson learned from the BAD email I sent. This was the response my email resulted in: 

“…even if YOUR a pro.” 


You still rep Tout or can I call her out on this? 

Not the type of reply I was looking for… scoring a meeting would have been better. Simple grammar mistakes, such as Your vs. You’re can kill the value of a sales email instantly.

2. Mail merge fail. Similar to typos and grammar, the mail merge fail leads to automatic disregard of your email or just a good laugh. Here’s an email one of our Tout developers Steven recieved: 

Steven, Richard, As a ruby rails developer in the Bay Area, you are one of the most saught out engineers at the moment. Feels nice huh? Although with every positive, there are some negatives (you do probably get bombarded with recruiters all the time).

We are still wondering who Richard is…No one wants to read an email sent to Dave at Company A when your name is Ryan at Company B.

3. A long and boring email. Everyone is busy. No one wants to read a 5 paragraph essay from you. Tweet size emails. Keep your emails down to 3 short paragraphs. 

4. Don’t let marketing write your sales emails. While marketing emails may look fancy and visually appealing, they do not come off as personalized or forge building real relationships. Simply said your lead wants to know their is an actual pulse on the other end. Use Tout templates so YOU can create your own sales templates easily that look just like any email you’d send out from Outlook and Gmail.

5. No follow up. This one technically does not result in an automatic delete. How can you delete an email that hasn’t even been sent? Changes are you won’t recieve a reply or close a deal after sening out just one email. Strategic follow up is key using a combination of email and phone. Well, unfortunately I can’t go back and “un-send” the BAD email I sent.

3 Tips for Successful Sales Emails

  1. Your subject line. The subject line is like a book cover. While, we are told never to judge a book by its cover, this does not hold true for subject lines. Subjecy lines make it or break it. A good subject line will give your email that “extra-edge” when getting noticed in your leads’ busy inbox.
  2. The intro. An email intro is key. Why should your lead care? Make your intro about them. Mention a referral, boost their ego, keep it simple…just don’t jump into a detailed explanation of your company.
  3. Follow up. You need to follow up. Here’s the catch to being successful, “Stop touching base and checking in.” This is the best advice I learned from following sales influencer John Barrows. Make sure you are following up with an intent to move along the sales and have a call to action.

How to follow up from a sales email

Did my lead or prospect get my email? This is the biggest question often faced even after spending the time to write an awesome sales email.

  • Use ToutApp’s Live Feed to see when your email is opened, clicked or when your lead is on slide 5 of your sales deck. Now you can spend you time following up with the most engaged people with a timed call or email.
  • We oftentimes forget about the leads or contacts we email and never respond. Maybe a lead you’re scheduling a meeting with. Emails get lost, pushed aside, and forgotten just like snail mail. Most likely these people may be interested, opening your email multiple times, clickng on the links in your email to learn more and never take the next steps to reply.
  • Use Tout templates. Make it easy for yourself to follow up by creating templates.

Sales emails are tough – let’s face it. Spend time selling, not wasting time wondering if Richard and Steven read your email.