Targeting Tier 1 Prospects with Personalized Video

Last week, ToutApp SDR Kelly added video pitches to her prospecting arsenal.

This week, she’s getting personal.

Unlike last week’s videos, this video is for a single prospect: Starfish Inc. (Name changed for this blog post).

Starfish is one of Kelly’s Tier 1 leads. Their size and industry make for an ideal prospect, and Kelly has prioritized them in her outreach for over a month. But with no success. Her emails to contacts there are opened but not responded to, and her calls don’t even go to voicemail — they ring and ring indefinitely. Dead end.

Last week, Kelly sent Starfish her first-touch video. The contact opened the email and watched the video. But again, no response. Dead end.

So now, to show Starfish that she’s serious about connecting specifically with them, Kelly’s sending the above video.

Pros and Cons of Personalizing Video

This thirty-second video took over thirty minutes to make. Kelly did ten takes, we chose the best one, then trimmed, compressed and uploaded. It’s no small task, and unlike last week’s videos, this is a one-shot deal. A good, personalized email could be written in a tenth the time, and with no special gear or technical know-how. (Tout helps with personalized emails though.)

On the other hand, this video could cut through the noise and move Starfish down the pipeline, when no email could have achieved the same. In that case, the investment will have paid off.

A/B Testing

What works best? Over the long term, the only way to hone prospecting methods is with A/B testing and an eye on the analytics. The more data we have on the relative efficacy of different video, messaging, and other media, the better we’ll get at maximizing response rates, meetings booked, and deals closed.

We’ll be back next week with some results.