How We Saved $5K By Creating Our Own Product Videos

You can always whip out the flip camera, shoot some action and upload it to YouTube for free. Or you can always use a video production company to produce and edit a quality video for around $4k to $10k. So, you are either saving bundles of money creating a not so high quality finished product or emptying your bank account with a polished professional video. Although both options would result in a finished video realistically you are either wasting your time or wasting your money. So, over here at ToutApp we found a happy medium. By using the following tools and resources below we saved big bucks and ended up with some quality videos.

If I could hug Screenflow I would.

Screenflow offers screencasting and screen recordings. It captures the entirety of content on your Mac desktop, your iphone, video camera, microphone and even your computers audio. Screenflow is super simple, easy to use and offers powerful editing allowing you to easily add images, text, video transitions even freehand callouts, annotations, video and audio filters and more. It can be difficult to create an explainer video of your product or software or service but screenflow, I kid you not, makes it effortless. And when you are ready to ship it out, Screenflow let’s you publish it to any media player (i.e., youtube, vimeo, flash, exports to any quicktime format). Don’t believe me check out their overview video.

Seriously, round of applause for Wistia.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wistia they provide professional video hosting offering reliable delivery and professional tracking. While I am sure their services are phenomenal, their content is extraordinary. As a religious reader of the Wistia blog, they offers amazing content and videos that teach you unbelieveable tips and tricks on video editing, production strategy and even video marketing. We recently created our first customer testimonial video and only dropped $100 at Home Depot and Amazon to create a professional looking lighting. Props to Wistia for the tip. Check out our video below.


Tunefruit is music to my ears…literally. 

Music truly makes or breaks a video and at times is the only audio throughout it. So, choosing the best music to place in your video is kinda a big deal. In order to make sure our videos stay uppity and have emotion we use Tunefruit. Tunefruit, a modern music marketplace, has a wide variety of content contributors with all kinds of great music genres. You will be sure to find some fresh picks for your marketing videos. Another great music marketplace we have used, a bit cheaper, is Audiojungle.

It’s up to you how you want to go about your video creations. In the end if you want a quality product with your vision, style at an affordable price I would highly recommend using the tools and resources above.

P.S. After you create yout awesome video, Tout it and see what kind of engagement it receives.


Image Courtesy of: David Caron