How Nathan Seven Scott, Building Manager at WeWork, Cut the Time he Spent Emailing in Half

When Nathan Seven Scott, the building manager at WeWork Soho, found out about Toutapp, he was so excited about it that he asked TK, the founder of Toutapp, if he could pay cash for the product on the spot. He’s been using Toutapp ever since, and it has drastically reduced the amount of time he spends sending repetitive emails.

The Situation: Pre-Toutapp

Every month, Nathan looks at the excel sheet he uses to manage rent at WeWork. As a courtesy to those who have not yet submitted their rent, he sends them a reminder email so that they can avoid a late fee. While everyone at WeWork appreciated Nathan’s “pre-late” notice, this process took Nathan a very long time each month. Nathan had to copy and paste the text of the email, then go back, look up the address, and copy and paste that as well.

How Toutapp Solved the Problem

When Nathan found out about Toutapp, he knew he just had to have it. He created a template that matched his previous emails and started using Toutapp to send his reminders. Not only did Toutapp allow him to send all his emails within 20 minutes, it also saved his contacts, so when he went to send someone an email, he didn’t even need to look up the address.

Nathan said that just recently, he went to meet up with a friend who was sending out the same types of emails. When his friend noted how exasperated he was that he hadn’t finished sending his emails for the day, Nathan just said, “Oh really? I’ve already finished mine!”

Why You Should Check Out WeWork

WeWork is a collaborative co-working space. It offers beautiful boutique office spaces and works to create community for its members:

“WeWork is building a network where people come together to create something greater than themselves. Members enjoy the privacy of boutique offices but are amidst a creatively charged and highly productive environment; and since WE ARE ONE, the success of one means the success of all of us.”

Nathan absolutely loves working for WeWork. In fact, he says it’s the best company he’s ever worked for.  The Soho office opened in February of last year, and Nathan has been working there since March, 2010. Since that time, WeWork has opened a 5th Avenue location and will soon be opening offices in the Meatpacking District, NYC and in San Francisco. If you’re looking for office space, you should absolutely check out WeWork.

Are you using Toutapp yet? 

Nathan’s case is just one of many; sending email is tedious and time consuming for anyone. If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over, it’s probably time to give Toutapp a shot!

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