Scott, an Internet Marketing Specialist, Quadruples Outreach with Toutapp

Today’s featured Toutapp super-user is Scott Redgate. Scott is an Internet marketing specialist at WebpageFX, an Internet Marketing Agency in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Scott has been using Toutapp to create buzz around a website tool that his company created to help websites improve their rankings in search engines like Google.

The Situation: Pre-Toutapp

Scott identified a list of web sites that he believed would benefit from using CrawlerFX, a tool that crawls, analyzes, and scores webpages based on several factors that affect company’s search engine rankings. He began to reach out to these website owners individually, but he became discouraged because it seemed to take forever. For starters, it took several minutes to simply find a simple email address on each site. After that, he found himself writing the same email over and over again, only changing the introductory remarks.

How Toutapp Solved the Problem

Scott heard about Toutapp and decided to try Tout’s templates, scheduling, and analytics. He also used the ToutApp add-on for Firefox – it allowed him to quickly find email addresses on webpages, which was exactly what he needed!

“It took me forever to find email addresses on those sites! I was getting annoyed that I would search every page of a website and still be unable to find anything. Not only did the Toutapp add-on find the email addresses for me, but it also allowed for me to send a templatized email with just a couple of clicks. This saved me hours.”

Scott created several email templates, and he tweaked each email he sent to compliment something unique on the recipient’s site. Toutapp also provided the analytics he needed to finally understand which templates were the most effective, saving him time and money. In fact, Toutapp enabled him to send 4-5 times as many emails per day!

Why You Should Check Out WebpageFX

As one of the leading Internet marketing companies in the country, WebpageFX has delivered amazing results on a regular basis. They have over 100 years of combined staff experience, which is unheard of in the Internet marketing! They specialize in web development, design, search engine optimization, and many other services. Check out their SEO packages and find one that is right for you!

Are you using Toutapp yet? 

Scott’s case is just one of many; sending email is tedious and time consuming for anyone. If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over, it’s probably time to give Toutapp a shot!