ToutApp Tip of the Week: Follow Up with People who Care

This best practice for how to use ToutApp is brought to you by one of our awesome users, Clint Berry, a developer at Weave CommunicationsCheck out more best practices for how to use Tout here, or you can submit your own tip.

We have a small outbound call center with sales reps who call dentists and try to schedule times to demo our software to them. Many dentists will say, “Email me more info and I'll look at it.” Sometimes that means “Go away”…. but other times, dentists will actually look at the info. 

I follow TK (ToutApp's founder) on Twitter because he is cool, and I have always wanted a reason to use Tout and finally saw my opportunity.

As we refined our sales process, I said “You gotta use Tout!”.

So we signed up and started emailing dentists that wanted more info through ToutApp. Our reps then would keep a close eye on the real-time dashboard and see if anyone clicked on the links we sent over.

Day 1 of using the product, we saw that a dentist clicked our link… and then it got clicked again, like he was showing someone else. We gave him a call and whamo…! He was interested. We demoed the software to him and his staff, and we got a sale! It was epic.