Why Chris Johnson, Co-Founder of Simplifilm, is on Track to do 6 Figures in Sales with Tout in Less than a Year

Chris Johnson is a pure salesperson.  He's the co-founder of Simplifilm, a bootstrapped startup that makes amazing demo videos for web products, mobile aps, and other places where humans interact with technology. Even though Simplifilm is less than a year old, it's on target to do some incredible numbers. One look at the work that Chris and his co-founder, Jason Moore produce, and it’s no wonder. The work that they do is fluid and it tells a story without getting lost in the metaphor.  Says Jason,

We want to make sure that we translate what the product does and we can make people feel like they know it.  Our style is more focused on the actual product than a lot of other folks that make web demos, and we think it pays off.

Many companies that contract Simplifilm find that the film pays for itself in under a month – one customer even saw sales double the day his Simplifilm video went live!

Simplifilm Doubles Sales for Web Companies

All this is to say that Chris has a great product, one that people want and need. Still, like the companies he makes demo videos for, he has to find a way to market to the right people and show them what a great product Simplifilm is.

Simplifilm Demo Reel from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

Managing Simplifilm's Targeted Outreach

That's where Tout comes in. Simplifilm needed a tool that would help him manage his email activity, by scheduling emails, tracking views, and helping him increase his reach. There's a huge number of new tech companies, but sometimes organic search and reading tech articles are the only ways to find them. In order to reach as many of the right people as possible, Chris used the  Tout Chrome extension to target company founders over email. Tracking and analytics helped him easily follow up, and scheduling allowed him to send mail whenever he wanted – he knew it would arrive in normal business hours. In just a few short months, Simplifilm's sales skyrocketed with Tout.

The third e-mail from Tout led to a sale.  We’re on track to do 6 figures from what I call ToutReach- a simple, semi-custom email when we see a startup we might like to work with.

Once Chris started using smarted email, he began to think of other ways to improve his email engagement. For example, when Chris wants to reach out to someone he knows on Twitter, he waits until they've posted a tweet before sending a message.

You know that when they're on Twitter, they're either at their computer or on their phone, in a spot to read and respond to an email.

Needless to say, Simplifilm is seeing a huge level of engagement with his emails. It just goes to show that having a great product, a great message, and perfect timing go a long way. And while Simplifilm is generally booked 6-10 weeks out, they're always lining up new projects so get a quote when you're in need of a powerful demo video. If you're ready to start reaching more of the right people- at the right times – like Chris has, give Tout a try today.