Release Notes: Outlook and Gmail Enhancements

You live out of your inbox to reach prospects, book meetings and close those deals before month’s end. We know how important email efficiency is to you and are stoked to tell you about some improvements we’ve made in both Gmail and Outlook. Read on for some inbox-goodness.



  • You can now Tout emails while in “read” view
    • The reply pops out so you can access the Tout It button. How ’bout them apples?
  • You now have the ability to Tout a reply in a threaded email view
  • You can see your colleague’s calendar when suggesting meeting times in an email
    • The calendar function displays all calendars that are shared


  • You can now delete your Content from your Gmail inbox
    • You can now clean up your list of trackable Content by selecting any row and clicking ‘Delete Selected’
      • This will not only delete your Content from your list in Gmail – but also from all of Tout. Woot!Delete Content in Gmail
  • You can also bulk delete and bulk add Content to your email
    • There’s a select-all check box above your list of Content – just select that to choose all Content listed

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Document Tracking and Alerts

At Tout, we’re always innovating on product – but we’re also committed to improving current functionality. Which is why we’re happy to share recent fixes and updates to Tout – from fixes for trackable attachments to our in-app alerting system.

Fixes and Improvements to Trackable Attachments

  • Fixed an issue with PDF, DOC, and PPT page tracking in the Live Feed
  • Introduced beta support for DOCX and PTTX extensions

Alert Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Deal alerts did not appear in Salesbeat unless you refreshed the page
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a contact would give you a 404 error

Preview Email Fix

  • Fixed an issue where if you clicked into a template before the page fully loads – the template will show up blank in a preview mode and prevent you from sending the email

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Improvements from A-Z

At Tout, we’re always innovating on product – but we’re also committed to improving current functionality. Which is why we’re happy to share recent fixes and updates to Tout – from Analytics to team management functionality.

Analytics page fixes:

  • When a user chose a custom date range in the analytics pages, we were not displaying the correct dates.
  • The Peak engagement time was incorrect in Analytics – we were not converting it to that user’s time zone.
  • If a user created a template and shared it with the team, they were unable to see all analytics tied to that template.
  • If a user clicked on a shared template link in Salesbeat, they were not taken to that template
    There was a lag between the Deal alert in the top of the Live Feed and a card being generated in Salesbeat

Dynamic Field Fixes:

  • Dynamic field modal search was not case insensitive.
  • Custom fields over 16 characters were creating styling errors in the Contact Details View.
  • SFDC dynamic fields do not populate when ‘-‘ is in a contact’s email address.

Tracking Fixes:

  • The counter of sent emails in the Live Feed appeared incorrect when over 1,000 emails had been sent in a day.
  • Click tracking was not appearing after a reply has been detected in Gmail.

Email Fixes:

  • Preview on template with bullet points appeared incorrect.
  • Failed drip campaign were sending all emails in drip on resend instead of just the failed messages.

Team Management fixes:

  • The team management page was showing the incorrect number of pending team invites.
  • Team Admins were unable to edit shared templates within their team.
  • Admins were receiving a 500 error when trying to manage a deleted user.

Tout Phone fixes:

  • When using Tout phone, the recipient was seeing a NY phone number, not the caller’s number on their caller ID.
  • The call box on Tout Phone was causing some styling issues.

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Updates to Reply Tracking

In our efforts to constantly innovate and improve our product, we’ve been heads down updating the functionality of Reply Tracking in Gmail. This feature is the most recent type of tracking in Tout’s arsenal, and one of the most useful. And today we’re happy to announce the largest improvement to Reply Tracking since it was released for Gmail users.

Here’s what we’ve improved:

  • Drastically improved how we manage and retry connections that have failed to keep you updated on replies.
  • Updates to how Tout detects a reply from your recipient
  • An edge case involving threaded emails using “RE:” in the subject line
  • An edge case involving false replies
  • We also added additional servers to handle capacity

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know, here.


Introducing: ToutApp for Outlook, version 5.0

Since the beginning of ToutApp, we’ve been on a mission to improve your sales workflow and communications. We’re now three years in and that mission has remained unchanged. We work every day to improve upon that mission to create a smarter way to do Sales–especially on Outlook.

With our latest version of ToutApp for Outlook, its features will help you continue to sell, develop best practices, and follow analytics that provides relevant insights into your sales opportunities.

Outlook Version 5.0 is Battle Tested

It is important to point out that this is our best Outlook version yet. Outlook is complex. Windows environments in large IT organizations are extremely diverse. We’ve been battle-testing this over the last three years, across multiple Outlook environments to bring to you the best experience possible.

To celebrate the release of this latest version, here’s a video of our very own Daniel Barber, one of the earliest adopters of Tout for Outlook.



Act on the Tout Live Feed

When your prospect views an email, clicks on a link, visits your website or opens your presentation—you’ll be notified right within Outlook, so you can follow up instantly.

From your Tout Live Feed, you’ll gain visibility on all your sent emails. You’ll know if that sales pitch email got read, if a cold prospect is reviewing an old email or if that busy Exec finally opened your email. With Tout for Outlook, you’ll see exactly when and who’s engaging with your email–all in real-time.



The Tout Live Feed will be limited to the 10 most recent activities, but, you’ll still be able to see all activities and see who’s been engaging at a high level on your Tout Dashboard.

Discover the Power of Tout Templates

With Tout Templates, you’ll always say the right thing because the perfect messaging is right there. Don’t rely on copy and paste, when you can have it so much better. On the right-hand side of your compose window, you’ll find your Tout Templates–making it simple to find the exact messaging to make that connection, sales pitch or close a deal.

Alongside your templates, you’ll be able to quickly view template analytics for yourself and your entire team. With Template Analytics, you’ll be able to see the total number of times a template has been sent by the team, and view click through rates for each template.

Now with Smart Calendar Integration for Booking Meetings

With our new calendar feature, booking meetings is faster than ever. Just click the “Calendar” button and you’ll easily be able to suggest times for meetings. Instead of going back and forth over 10+ emails to find a time, you can get it done in one.



Is Tout for Outlook for me?

If you’re a salesperson or on a sales team that’s currently operating on a Windows machine – then Tout for Outlook’s email tracking, templates and real-time analytics will be an invaluable asset for your sales process. Sorry Mac users, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for Tout for Mac.

Get the new Tout for Outlook

If you’re already running Tout for Outlook, just click on the Tout menu bar and update.



If you don’t have Tout installed for Outlook, go Install it now!

We’ve spent the last three years working towards Tout for Outlook and we’ve been listening and digesting feedback from our diverse customer community. So, whether it’s closing deals, following a new lead or managing email campaigns — we know Tout will improve your sales growth and team.


March Madness Sales Playbook

The NCAA Sales Championship.

Sales and your favorite basketball tourney are one in the same.

Lucky for us, it’s not squeezed into one short month. The NCAA Sales Championship is yearlong, and you’re competing against the most well-funded and smartest companies in the league.

There’s a big dance. The two teams, You and the Buyer, are quickly maneuvering your message back-and-forth, around the court, and hoping it lands in the net before month’s end.

However, it’s not the same game your father used to play. Sales teams are evolving and adopting new technologies and acceleration tools that make everyone step up their game. What’s the one thing that will get you ahead of the other guys? Teamwork.

“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.”
-John Wooden

There’s no “I” in team, but there is in WIN.

With March Madness in full swing, I bet your competitive spirit is at an all time high.

Sure, every salesperson wants to be an all-star (the Russ Smith or Kemba Walker). By nature, sales is a very competitive sport; it’s the reason why sales gongs and leaderboards are such a hit. However, the best sales teams have collaboration. You can’t go out of bounds when sharing tips with your fellow teammates. Teamwork helps your quota and brings you more money, because when your company is successful, you’re successful (and Coach Knight won’t yell at you). That equity starts mattering, and the American “tech” dream gets fulfilled.

I’ve created a playbook on the 5 ways teamwork will help you win more games.

My March Madness Sales playbook:

1. Share your game plan

  • Pass templates with your team and learn the most effective messaging and who’s using it.
  • Get a second pair of eyes. Teammates can leave comments and feedback if they see a typo or like something.
  • It’s time saving, there’s no I in team, share your game plan for the win!

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.” -Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K)

2. Check your stats

  • See the individual reps that are the most successful and use them as a resource. See first hand the direct messaging their using.
  • A/B test your emails, change your subject line, and see if 8am or 2pm is more effective.
  • A play takes a few steps to complete (and a few tries). Make sure you’re tracking all of your steps to shoot the game winning point!

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” -John Wooden

3. Easily onboard the Rookies

  • With teamwork, rookies see the playbook and can learn from the get go.
  • Instead of having to recreate their own plays, they can easily gather sales tools from the star players. This brings up the morale of everyone!

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. -Michael Jordan

4. Practice makes perfect!

  • Make it a game and test which messaging works better and become more aware of your day-to-day emails that are making the biggest difference with your customers.
  • Tracking: see what activities are generating the most opportunities. Are certain links and attachments working better? When are they responding more?

“People want national championship banners… How do we get there? We don’t get there with milk and cookies.” -Bob Knight

5. Be the Coach’s favorite

  • Usually a coach only sees the score at the end of the game, aka the closed deal $.  By being collaborative and sharing sales techniques, the coach can see the highlight reel and your day-to-day tricks that helped you land the deal.
  • Teamwork–> Visibility–>Stronger Team–> Championship!

The Final Shot.

Always make sure you’re focused on being a team player. Sportsmanship is key to closing deals and being your company’s strongest teammate. It makes a difference in how you’re ranked and how the coach views you; A ball hog is never anyone’s favorite. Anyone can be in sales, but it takes teamwork to close your deals. Make sure you practice, keep integrity, and use insight to be a team player.

Let’s end with a quote from Mike Krzyzewski that sums up teamwork quite nicely:

“During the season, your team should be led with exuberance and excitement. You should live the journey. You should live it right. You should live it together. You should live it shared. You should try to make one another better. You should get on one another if somebody’s not doing their part. You should hug one another when they are. You should be disappointed in a loss and exhilarated in a win. It’s all about the journey.”



7 Ways to Get out of your Sales Slump

I had a bad sales month last month.  After a handful of losses on a Wednesday evening, I cried. What a wimp, I know. After a brief moment of utter disbelief and hurt I wiped the tears away and took a step back to reflect. What did I do wrong, what did I do differently from the previous month? For those who have lost a big deal or are just in a sales slump here is the breakdown that may assist in your sales ventures.

Step One: Stop Crying Ya Baby



Me Circa 1994

It’s only a deal not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. Take each loss with a grain of salt. Start with each step of the sales process – critically think about the conversations you had and the process of each sale. Start over and try new approaches on your next sale.

Step Two: Care about your prospects

Did you take at least 5-10 minutes to research that individual or that company? Do it now. Jump on Linkedin and get after it. Improve your cold emails with a touch of personalization, insight and value.

I absolutely loved John Barrows article “News Flash – your prospect doesn’t care how awesome you are.”

When prospecting, do some research and find something interesting to reference about a client before calling them and use that as an intro.  When meeting with clients, ask open ended insightful questions that put them in the position to be an expert. — John Barrows

Beyond the research, how are those emails performing? Are you monitoring analytics around the types of messaging that resonates to each customer?

Best Practice: Use Tout to get more insight around how successful your day to day emails are. Check out the engagement on this puppy…



Benchmark your templates to get above industry standard.

Rough average: 20% open rate & 5% click rate

Step Three: Be Smarter about your Follow-Up

It sounds so simple. So easy and it is. Just follow up. Following up can be the most underrated piece of the sales process. You have more than enough leads you can handle how do you balance follow up and remember all the customer specifics? Be smarter about your follow up, time follow up and make sure you are consistently hitting them up every 3 – 4 days. I’d recommend leveraging auto follow ups with Tout. Best Practice: I got this one from Doug Landis @ the Sales Hackers conference. Track everything. Track the messaging you are using and track the responses you get through email and over the phone. Track and learn what is working and what needs to be refined.

Step Four: Be Human

Above all… Be human. Ask about their day or weekend. Care.

Humans don’t buy from companies, humans buy from humans.

This is what we live by at ToutApp, our mantra. We solve real life problems for salespeople. We teach first and then we sell.

Step Five: Zip it and Listen

Want to get off the phone with a prospect and have them think “Wow, what a great call”? You must LISTEN. I will be the first to admit, I love to talk. Who doesn’t want to talk about themselves. But the more you listen, the more you learn, the more you can critically think about how you are going to solve the customers issues they have articulated on the that call. Take notes. You want your prospects to adore you, trust you and respect you… shut up and listen.

Recently, I was on an important call with our Chief Happiness Officer, TK. He, taught me something so incredibly powerful that the average company may lose sight of. He said, “Let’s forget about Tout, let’s talk about what you need to make your customer/team successful – what can we do to help them?” Or even ask your potential client the simple question, “What’s important for you right now?” You should never sell first. You teach, you listen and you build trust so your potential customer will want to partner with you. You are there to solve a real person’s issue at that moment.

Step Six: Promote Success and Happiness Above All

Sure – you are in sales, you should be selling. But what is selling without creating some type of success and happiness for the buyer? Customer success and happiness is key to your success. If your existing customers are not happy – you are doing it all wrong my friend. Keep in touch, check in, send a birthday card or company t-shirt.



Keep an honest relationship with your customer. Happy customers will bring you a long term partnership and potentially add-on sales. If your customer is successful then you are successful.

Step Seven: Don’t Give Up

Everyone has a bad day, bad week, bad month. Move on… get over it. Don’t give up.

Failure is just your judgement on an experience, because there are no failures, just learning opportunities. — Aaron Ross

The most successful salespeople learn from their mistakes and improve year after year. Learn from your bad days. Always try to be better, be the best of what you do whether you are selling carpet or an email solution.. give it all you got.

Questions, tips or tricks? Feel free to reach out anytime:


ToutApp + Highrise = Email Bliss

When people ask us for a simple CRM solution, we always recommend Highrise. Highrise is a simple CRM that helps you manage your contacts and helps you to remember the important things about the people you would normally forget.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without ToutApp, and the integration with Highrise. — Matt Rae, Tripzaar Inc.

Before the days of Highrise, managing and tracking your customers was no fun. Lacking visibility into your sales team’s activity, your customer data was all over the place on sticky notes and reporting and analysis was painful. Highrise changed the game with visibility and collaboartion across your sales team and the ability to have reporting around progression. Essentially, Highrise helps manage your contacts, keep track of who said what when, schedule follow-ups, set reminders and convert leads into done deals.

Now before the days of ToutApp, your emails would fall into a black abyss. Lacking visibility into exactly what is happening to your emails after you hit send and lacking knowledge of whether your messaging resonated with your prospect or even was effective at all. ToutApp plugs right into your day to day workflow and helps streamline and crystalize your communications process with real time tracking, powerful templates and analytics around the emails you are sending. Lastly, ToutApp bridges the gap between your email and your CRM.

ToutApp has been a fantastic sales tool to monitor who has and hasn’t opened my personal emails and clicked on the links, this helps me see who is more engaged with what I am saying and who to keep in contact with. It also saves me time copying my emails to Highrise, ToutApp does it for me. Very useful, highly recommended. — Nick Storr, Sales Manager at Connected

ToutApp + Highrise

Now, combined the two and bam…something magical happens. Mergence of the two = pure email bliss. Giving you the ability to send trackable emails from within your Highrise and get reporting around those emails. Imagine the effectiveness and time saving capabilties here.

You want to know more you say?

ToutApp will automagically update every single email sent through ToutApp to Highrise and assign it to the proper contact. You honestly will never have to worry about copying your CRM’s BCC address again, because Tout will always take care of that for you.

Beautiful, we know. Beyond copying all your emails, Tout will bring a whole new level of data to your CRM that will truly help you understand the interaction with your contact, and once again make Highrise a valuable source of information that shows the value of your relationships.

Everytime your contact is viewing, clicking or has replied Tout will send a notification of the activity to Highrise.

We know how tiresome it can be having to create a new contact in your email client and your Highrise each and every time you want to send an email. ToutApp takes that pain point away in a snap. Each time you shoot off a Tout email to a recipient who is not in your Highrise, ToutApp will create a contact for that person with their name and email, and copy all associated emails to that contact.

All done seamlessly and automatically. Don’t believe us? Check out what our happy  ToutApp and Highrise users are saying…

ToutApp’s integration with Highrise makes me life much easier! I can see when my contacts open and read an email and what better time to reach back out and engage with them than right after that! — Callie Harris, Public Relations Manager at

ToutApp with Highrise is magically efficient! You haven’t seen efficiency until you have used ToutApp with Highrise. — Matt Rae, Tripzaar



If you want to scale the way you track your leads and customers to stay competitive and close more deals start Touting… in Highrise of course. Of course, for those of you who something even simplier than Highrise there’s the ToutApp Lab Spreadsheet CRM.



How Dyn Uses ToutApp’s Email Tracking and Analytics to Delight Customers

You’d never thought DNS and email delivery could get this exciting. Dyn are the coolest kids on the block making the internet work. They’ve delighted us with their Most Reputable Sender in the World campaign and their nontraditional take on classic internet memes.

When they’re not busy powering the internet, Dyn’s business development and marketing teams use Tout to improve their emails.

Tout is great for “reaching out to existing customers… Since there are wayyyyyyy more customers than there are BDRs, it helps us keep in contact with them all and inform them of other offerings Dyn has.” – AJ Garron, Business Development Rep

As a very customer-centric company (we’ve written about Dyn’s credo and how they put the customer first here), the Dyn team use ToutApp to stay in touch with more customers while keeping the conversation personal. Our templates save the team time re-writing the same communications, and email tracking kicks in to make sure that Dyn’s reps are engaging with the most interested customers.

“Our team loves using ToutApp. Efficiency and 'working smart' are some of our credos here at Dyn, and ToutApp is a major tool to help promote both of them. It's a great connection tool that we use every day.' – John Zahr, Business Development Manager

“ToutApp is a great tool to not only learn how effective you are at first impressions, but also increase the number of first impressions you can achieve in a work day. It makes your emails more about the customers, rather than yourself using its customized templates. If there is one tool in your marketing and sales teams’ hands that is fist pump worthy…this is it.” –Ryan O'Hara, Event Marketing

Tout’s offerings not only help Dyn send out a larger quantity of emails, they also improve the quality of them. Template analytics keep the team on top of their game by letting them know how effective each email is. Not only does Tout help Dyn succeed as a business, it lets them give their customers more of the information they want.

In fact, if you’re a Tout customer looking for your own email servers to send from, we definitely recommend that you check Dyn out. Existing Tout users can set up SMTP with them here.

You can learn more about why Dyn loves us by signing up for a ToutApp account today.


Toutapp Helps Lawgical Increase Engagement

Our featured Team of the Week entry comes from Lawgical. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

About Lawgical

Lawgical is an online marketing company that serves select legal niches. We have a number of brands such as ServeNow, PInow, AboutBail, and the Legal Talk Network that are recognized as industry leading networks for the legal communities that they serve. Our activities range from building our networks to actively promoting the products.

How Lawgical uses ToutApp


ToutApp is an incredibly useful tool for outreach and sales productivity. We use it throughout our marketing and sales departments to create and enhance engagement with clients and leads.

An example of how we've used ToutApp is in communications with governmental agencies for marketing projects. The responsiveness of agencies and their bureaucracies can vary greatly. So being able to view whether they opened or clicked on our emails has guided our communications, especially for when and how we follow up. As a result, we've increased the number of responses to our requests and gotten much better project results.

Beyond just tracking, the ability to create and use templates within ToutApp has helped us routinize and refine certain processes to make them faster and more efficient.