Stories from the Street: Dreamforce Edition


Live from San Francisco, it’s Stories from the Street: the Dreamforce Edition. We’ve left the office behind and hit the Dreamforce pavement to talk to you–the dreamers.

ICYMI: Dreamforce is going on right now. This very instant. If you’re in SF, hurry, because this dream is ending RIGHT NOW.

Whether you’re pounding the Dreamforce pavement or experiencing a bit of #FOMO because you’re not here, don’t worry. It’s a cool 62 degrees outside Moscone Center aka the epicenter of the Dreamforce universe and we talked to a handful of Dreamforce-newcomers about their 2014 experience. These are their stories:

[cue Law & Order title sequence music]

Keynote Speakers




Dreamforce 2014 welcomed key political players to take part in their Keynote series. Namely, Former Secretary of State and Former U.S. Senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton and 45th Vice President of the U.S., Al Gore.

However, for Chelsea and Susan, first-time Dreamforcers and Business Development interns at DocuSign, their favorite keynote was from Salesforce ringleader Marc Benioff. Benioff, for many years, has been a master business man and showman. Dreamforce 2014 was no exception.

Dreamforce is all about networking, professional development, and learning. Benioff’s keynote, which emphasized the need for philanthropy, struck a chord in our first-time attendees minds.

Learning First Hand

For Chelsea and Susan, Day 3 of Dreamforce also happened to be their third day on the job. Talk about first hand, on-the-job training. First and foremost, Dreamforce is a cloud computing conferencing that aims to teach its audience–whether it’s emphasizing philanthropy and giving back, or if it’s showcasing a new suite of Salesforce products.

It’s undeniable that every person we talked to, whether it was on the street or at a booth, wanted to strengthen their knowledge about cloud technology and discover the different players in their industry.

Mack, a second time Dreamforcer and Solutions Architect at Dealertrack, said he’s interested in being on the leading edge of his industry. Earlier this week when Salesforce introduced Lightning, a new platform to build mobile apps. This product launch immediately struck a chord with Mack. Lightning is being touted as a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop dashboard to help Salesforce customers build and code mobile apps–in the lightning speed. As a Solutions Architect, this is huge for Mack. It’ll tremendously change his day-to-day workflow at Dealertrack.

Everyone Loves Salesforce




It seems like a no-brainer, but everyone at Dreamforce really loves Salesforce. Waleed, a first-time Dreamforcer and Sales Operations Manager at Intelex Technologies, one of the most compelling points about Dreamforce was everyone’s love for Salesforce. As a former Netsuite advocate-turned Salesforce user, Waleed’s definitely the newest edition to the Salesforce advocates.

Dreamforce: A Definite Return on Investment

Bottom line: everyone is coming back next year. Whether it’s because of #FOMO, your company already booking a booth, you wanting to see the 2015 Tesla, all 145,000+ faces will definitely be back next September for Dreamforce 2015.


What’s the first thing you ever sold?

Dreamforce — literally simultaneously — is our most celebrated event and our most dreaded event every year. There is nothing more invigorating than getting together with 125,000 people all congregating to learn about the latest and greatest in cloud technologies.

At the same time, we’ve always hated the hard selling around booths, booth babes, trinkets and the mindless “Mind if I scan you?!”

So ever since we started participating with Dreamforce, we’ve always strived to bring a unique perspective to our presence so that it is fun, uplifting and educational for all.

I Close Deals at Dreamforce 2013

Last year, we had our “I Close Deals” booth — which happens to be our tagline for ToutApp. It was simple, we put the amazing people we met in front of a camera at our booth and chatted about Sales Tips and Tricks that worked well for them.



Dreamforce 2014

This year is no different. As we continue to evolve into being the all-in-one platform that helps empower salespeople, we’ve dedicated our booth to salespeople and to celebrating your first sale.




Are you at Dreamforce? Come visit our team and take the Tout Challenge at Moscone West, Booth W118.

What’s The First Thing You Ever Sold?

For salespeople, it’s a profound question. What’s the first thing you ever sold? For me, it was a book. I sold books to engineers to monetize the website I had created around programming resources back in 2001. As we asked around, we started to uncover really fun and interesting stories. Even more importantly, it made salespeople stop and think: “Wow… I’ve been doing this for a while!”




(yes, we will be giving out our t-shirts at our booth!)

So, to celebrate, Team Tout will be at full force with “I Close Deals” T-Shirts and we’ll be polling you on “What’s the First Thing You Ever Sold?” Come to our booth in Moscone West W118 to take the Tout Challenge. The reward? Our highly coveted I Close Deals T-Shirts.

Not at Dreamforce?!

Did you stay back so that you can GSD and close deals? No worries! We’ve put together an entire online community site for you where you can share the story of your first sale.




Take the Tout Challenge

(it only takes a minute!)


Dreamforce is Coming.

Are you ready for it? We are.

On Monday morning, the annual mega conference is back. And, ToutApp will be there. Stop by our booth in Moscone West next week–we’ll be talking Tout and giving out swag at #W118.

Our booth, for right now, is top secret. But, there will be swag. Check back on Monday for our grand unveiling.


Dreamforce Essentials for the Seasoned-Pro to the New Kid

Dreamforce, the mega powerhouse of cloud computing conferences starts on Monday, October 13th. Are you ready for it? It’s okay, take a depth breath. We’re in this together.

The four day event is filled with sessions, speakers, parties, networking opportunities, and live music. For some, it’s an annual pilgrimage. For all, Dreamforce is about making key connections and learning. It’s a great opportunity to meet industry thought leaders face-to-face, get ideas, experience real-time demos, and learn more about your industry. Even if you’re a seasoned Dreamforce-pro or a Dreamforce-newbie, each year is different.

Here are things to pack, so you’re prepared at any given moment:


1. Phone & Charger

Like daily life, your phone is important. It’s basically glued to you at all times. If you’re anything like 90% of people, you can’t function without your phone. Bringing your phone and phone charger to Dreamforce is no exception. If anything, this is when you need your phone the most.

2. Business Cards

Chances are you’ve got a box of these 3.5 x 2 inch cards stashed somewhere–on your desk, in a filing cabinet or on a shelf. During the four days of Dreamforce, this is where you’ll distribute out a majority of those cards. Be sure to bring enough.

Pro tip: Input acquired business card information right into your phone and connect in real-time, don’t wait until after Dreamforce to start building that relationship. It’s all about right now.

3. A Bag for Swag

Or, get a free bag to fill with swag.

4. A Pen

Sometimes, you have to go old-school and write old-fashioned notes. Write notes and key facts about whomever you’re talking to on the back their business card. It helped our Customer Happiness Officer Brooke Martin out at last year’s Dreamforce. Use those notes to form deeper connections down the line.

5. A Jacket

It’s San Francisco, you’ll always need a Jacket. Karl the Fog is real.

Above all, have fun. Soak up the atmosphere, don’t plan too much and don’t be afraid to play it by ear. In short, be prepared–but not too prepared.


The Best Sales Training I Never Knew I Needed

In preparation for this year’s Dreamforce conference, Sales Happiness Officer, Jess Green shares her reflections and lessons learned at last year’s Dreamforce. It also happened to be her very first day at ToutApp.

There are so many different sales training methods and strategies on how to ramp a new rep. I now believe I’ve experienced the best training a sales person can have Week One on the job — manning a booth at Dreamforce, or better yet, TWO booths!

Talk about jumping out of your comfort zone to allow yourself to truly grow. I experienced this first hand! I left a fantastic company that I had been very comfortable with over the past 5 ½ years. As I’m sure every person does when they start to consider a career move, I weighed my options of being “comfortable” and successful at my current company against taking a risk that could lead to even greater financial and personal success. I made the leap. And when I did, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy not only getting my feet wet the first week but diving in headfirst and not looking back.

My first day at ToutApp was on Friday, November 15, 2013. I figured with the presence and buzz ToutApp had for the upcoming Dreamforce conference, I knew I couldn’t pass up the experience to be a part of the team as they launched into the week.

Here are the 3 best training tips I have for your 1st week, whether it’s in an office or at this year’s Dreamforce.

1. Listen, Do, Reflect, Iterate

Take in as much as you can when listening to the team around you. This really applies to everyone, everyday. You never know when you are going to hear in an interaction that changes your perspective or is an “Ah-Ha!” moment of understanding. It could become the secret sauce of your sales process!

2. You don’t have to know everything

You JUST started, put your best foot forward, be confident, and when you don’t know an answer give yourself a break. Take note of the question, promise a follow up and here’s the big one…actually follow up!

3. Build relationships

In the end isn’t that what sales is all about? If you don’t know everything about the product get to know the people you chat with and what their challenges, goals, and focus is day to day. Once you finish ramping up you can apply your new knowledge to the conversation you had previously and I’m going to bet that relationship goes a lot farther than it would have if you just spewed feature after feature at them.

All I can say is, what a week! Remember these are not only key tips for week one but remind yourself throughout your career. Good luck to all of those who are currently in transition mode, I hope this helped :)