Celebrate your Success and Ring the Gong

Here at Tout we love celebrating wins across our team – just like any sales organization! Big or small, new business, cross-sell or renewal, we’re proud of what we can accomplish together and like to celebrate as a team.

So, like any sales org, we celebrate by banging on a big ‘ole gong.

Except unlike all other sales orgs, our gong doesn’t look like this:



Our gong looks like this:

Ring The Gong

While the Tout Sales Gong is not new to Tout, it’s gotten a complete performance and design makeover.

The Gong can be hit from, from your inbox in Gmail and Outlook or directly from the Live Feed. And, it syncs with your personal Salesforce account to pull in any open Opportunity you may be working. Cool, eh?

Live Feed - Sales Gong


Our favorite part of ringing the Gong is that it instantly closes your Opportunity in Salesforce (if you want it to) and updates your team’s Live Feed with details around your win:

Closed Deal - gong

Finally, ringing the Gong also updates the team’s Sales Beat with a Deal Card – so your team can rally together and celebrate success.

Deal Alert in Sales Beat

So what are you waiting for? The next time you close a deal – hit the ToutApp Sales Gong and celebrate with your team.

Looking to become a Tout Pro? Visit Tout University for more tips and tricks.

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Introducing: Tout Phone 2.0

At Tout, we strive to make your selling process easier and more productive. Last week we introduced Recommended Templates – an industry first – that predictively bubbles up the right messaging at the right time. Shortly before that, we launched Command Center, a single mission control for salespeople, which leverages all your Tout data to help you take the next step.

With more and more of our customers, we’re starting to see sophisticated, multi-touch, multi-channel (email and phone), semi-automatic (some automated drips and some personalization) outreach campaigns both for sales development reps and for closers.

While Tout has always offered the functionality to quickly click to call your prospect from the Live Feed, Command Center or directly from a contact – we realized a few shortcomings in current functionality.

For example, when using click to call directly from a contact record, you weren’t able to see your prospect’s name or any additional context while you were on the phone.


Tout Phone 1.0


Today, that changes. Welcome to Tout Phone 2.0.


With Tout Phone 2.0, you’re still able to quickly click to call from the Live Feed, Command Center and directly from a contact. However, you now have the aid of contextual history of your relationship with that prospect.


Tout Phone 2.0

And, you can continue to look at that context while you take call notes. Just like before, your call will automatically be saved to your lead or contact record in Salesforce. As sales teams evolve and crave better tools to manage their workflow, we’re constantly improving our platform.

Tout Phone 2.0 is made available today to all ToutApp customers. Please check it out and let us know what you think as this enhanced functionality is a direct result of customer feedback.


Release Notes: Improvements to Tout Integrations

Since our last update around product speed, we’ve made a serious of improvements across Tout and our integrations with platforms like Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve resolved:

Gmail Specific Issues:

  • Additional logging for an issue where Gmail drafts are lost

Outlook Specific Issues:

  • Inconsistency with the Live Feed loading
  • Memory issues

Salesforce Specific Issues:

  • Using Push to Tout in Salesforce wasn’t working consistently for some customers

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


14 Reasons Why Tout is our Valentine

It’s that time of year again – where we share our warm and fuzzy feelings about our loved ones, friends and our jobs. Over the past year, ToutApp has grown tremendously with each new person bringing in their unique personality and quirkiness. Yes, it’s true. We can’t hide it. We love ToutApp and we wanted to share our feelings about it with you:



1. Steven, Engineering Manager:
Everyone is crazy… and it’s awesome.



2. Sarah, Happiness Officer: 
I love Tout because of the energy, the synergy, the good vibes that course through the office even on the most meager of Mondays. Tout is a home away from home. #GoodVibes


3. Tara, Manager Customer Success:

I love the feeling of waking up every morning excited to start the day at Tout. It breaks down to the team, culture and our customers. Everyday there’s a new challenge to tackle, opportunity to grow or an experience to learn from which is addicting. The tout team is a perfect combination of a little quirky, super smart and all around kick-ass.


4. April, Customer Success Manager:
I love how intelligent my team is.  Seriously, they are the most brilliant group of people I’ve ever worked with. From troubleshooting to creative outreach I am daily impressed by the people I’m surrounded with. There hasn’t been a day that goes by that I haven’t learned something new either about our product, our culture or about myself.
5. Brooke, Happiness Officer:
Hands down the people make this company what it is today. We all have that go getter mentality that is otherwise known as a 10xer. Aside from the people, I love the 20% projects we all work on and are so passionate about. I think its so unique to find a company that not only allows you, but gives you 100 percent support to pursue these projects. #TOUTLOVE



6. Tamara, Customer Success Manager: 

Trying not to echo everything that was said, aside from the people and overall culture – I think it’s great to have open lines of communication across the company. That way you’re consistently aware of what’s going on and up to date on upcoming releases/events, etc. Way better than looking like an idiot when a customer knows more than you do. :)



7. Nick, Sales Happiness Officer:

For me, it’s inevitable that work is going to take over a great deal of your life, no matter what desk you sit at today. In order to love what you do, all while feeling accomplished, you must feel inspired by a purpose. Tout is that purpose for all of us. It’s not just work for this team, we’re family.
My colleagues attitude, drive, success and outlandish support make me jump out of bed in the morning. To know how to do something well is to truly enjoy it. Tout not only embraces that passion, but we spread that love in a contagious fashion to our customers and prospects daily to be better in every way.
You have to ask yourself, “if today was the last day of my life, would I want to be doing what I’m doing today?” Not only is this what I love to do, but these amazing individuals at Tout make me a better human. What else could you ask for?
Oh we also have kegs. #GoDucks


8. Stephanie, Customer Success Manager:
The energy in the office is addicting. We support each other, are constantly learning from one another, and celebrate our wins together.


9. Jeffrey, Sales Happiness Officer: 
The ability to consistently learn and feel energized by everyone I work with.
10. Vince, Sales Happiness Officer: 
I would probably say that Tout is special for a few more reasons:
– The innovative nature of the business, as evidenced by our CEO TK’s forward thinking.
-The competitive but friendly environment, everyone wants to succeed and better themselves but not at the expense of their peers
– Athleticism abounds in the office, “clap, clap” (Whenever anyone claps twice in succession, the whole office does pushups together)
– We are all party people who can have fun together outside of the office



11. James, Happiness Officer:

I get to do what I’m passionate about as well as embrace an awesome culture. I feel like there’s a lot of potential within the product that has yet to be tapped into. I look forward to seeing the company grow into something amazing; like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly.


12. Dan, Sales Happiness Officer:
My more-than-platonic feelings for ToutApp come from the shared mission to be more than the sum of our parts that can truly help our customers with something amazing. We’re building something truly beautiful and unique for sales people that will change how businesses communicate with their customers. There is nothing I love more than being able to help others be successful with what they care about.


13. Ali, Product Manager:
I’ve never worked anywhere where the smallest things are not only noticed, but celebrated. Whether it’s a birthday, a deal closed (no matter the dollar amount), an issue being fixed, a small feature, a work anniversary, etc. – it gets called out and celebrated. I absolutely love working in a place that has so much positivity (and let’s be honest, crazy) exuding from the walls every day.


14. Jenn, Executive Assistant:
I love that we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and that each one of us can contribute our special skill or talent to the company in our own way.
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!
Team ToutApp

If you’re interested in a career at ToutApp, we’re building a crack team of badasses:

A Shout-out to You from ToutApp!

It’s that time of year again and we’re kicking off the holiday season a bit early this year, and wanted to give a huge shout-out to you. Yes, you—our amazing customer community.

Next week is Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season. Across the country, friends and family will gather around a table to share memorable moments from the year, have a good ‘ole time and say thanks to the people that mean the most to us. We here at ToutApp are no exception.

It’s no secret that that entire team at ToutApp loves our customers. We’ve even made a page on our shiny new website dedicated to you–that cutting edge sales team. As a Tout customer, you become a card carrying member of the Tout nation and a true voice in our company mission, product features and every day #toutlife. We’ve hosted customer dinners, happy hours, workshops and networking events all for you. Because you’re simply the best.

Welcome to The Closers Club, it’s for those who close deals.

One of those inaugural members of The Closers Club is the entire sales team at Kareo, an electronic health records company that streamlines everything from billing to collections for thousands of doctors’ practices nationwide. Headquartered out of Irvine, California–this team of closers are truly exceptional.

When Rick Palmer, the Sales Operations Manager at Kareo was continually faced with productivity and messaging roadblocks for his sales team — he found ToutApp to be his solution. Read more about the Kareo sales team and their story on how they supercharge productivity here or click the image below.


So, in short, here’s to you. We hope you have a great start to your holiday season and bring on home those deals well into the new year, because we’re all closers here.


Announcing: The Next Generation of Sales Email Analytics

We all know that sales is a numbers game. And if you don’t have the right insights on the game, you’re at a disadvantage – compared to your competitors, your fellow reps and even your own quota. ToutApp has always had its eye on being an intelligent, all-in-one platform that takes the guesswork out of your sales process and bubbles up the right metrics exactly when you need them.

Today, we’re excited to announce a massive update to our analytics capabilities. This update is the first of many as we continue to push toward the next generation of ToutApp – complete with truly intelligent analytics that help reps make better decisions across the entire sales cycle.

The Next Generation of Sales Email Analytics

These new analytics capabilities will allow sales teams to use actionable insights at every step of their workflow, and to know the right next steps to take to drive forward and close each deal faster. You will now be able to answer key questions based on predictive analytics, all packaged beautifully in one customized central dashboard.

Identify high-and low-performing messaging at a granular level at a glance 

ToutApp Team Analytics
  • Which messaging and email templates are driving the revenue?
  • Which reps are creating the most engaging templates?
  • Which templates aren’t getting any engagement and need to be tossed?

Elevate performance across the entire team 

  • Which rep is driving the most engaging conversations?
  • Which accounts are reps having the most touches with?
  • Which reps need more support from management to elevate their performance to star status?

Uncover messaging patterns with key metrics in one central dashboard 

  • How productive is my team? How are we doing compared to last month?
  • Are there any surprises in our click-through and reply rates?
  • How can I send of a few more emails with the best templates in one click?

Website Tracking – What better way to know who’s checking you out than website tracking? With ToutApp’s newly released website tracking analytics – you can see who, when, and where your app caught a few lingering eyes.

You’ll get insight into:

  1. The top ten domains that have visited your website.
  2. Know how prospects are getting directed to your site
  3. Filter the emails you sent to that company (via domain)

We’ve put in a significant amount of investment into the underlying data infrastructure, so that we can continue to build out these capabilities to be even more intelligent and robust. These new dashboards are just the beginning of what is yet to come!

If you and your sales team aren’t on ToutApp yet, what are you waiting for? Get Touting.


ToutApp named a Top 10 Fastest Growing Cloud App of Q3 2014

The cloud is the future. We trust the cloud to run our businesses, store data and be a reliable ally when we need to send documents. Quarterly, Skyhigh Networks, a cloud security software provider publishes a list of the top 10 fastest growing cloud services; and ToutApp made the list for Q3 2014!

With more growth and team signups than ever, we’re thrilled to be included in Skyhigh Networks’ list alongside BlueJeans, ProofHQ, Doodle, Wunderlist, and other great companies. To make their list, Skyhigh Networks publishes information on cloud trends based on anonymized usage data of over 8,000 cloud companies and over 13 million of enterprise users.

That’s a lot of people.

So, a huge shout out to you—our users for continuing to give us feedback about ToutApp, so we can make it better for you, every day. Keep closing those deals.


Sales Acceleration via Stage-Based Content

What’s the best sales email prospecting strategy to convert your ideal clients? Take a cue from your marketing team and use stage-based content to determine your prospect’s interests, preferences and readiness for a conversation. We can lean into the method by Matthew Sweezy, author of Marketing Automation for Dummies, and apply it to your outbound sales email prospecting efforts.

Yes, today’s buyer is in control of the sales process because they can easily self-educate; however, sales professionals like you are much better off due to the depth of data and insights captured as the buyer’s journey is chronicled online and further facilitated by your sales email platform (e.g. ToutApp).

Your ideal prospects are typically in one of four broad modes – awareness, research, consider or commit – and you need to quickly determine which one.

In the second touch of your sales email prospecting campaign, include two content assets (via ‘link to file’ in ToutApp). The first content asset — an article or informative blog-post– is clearly geared to those in awareness mode. The second content asset – a pricing guide or implementation plan – is clearly geared to those in commit mode.

The content asset that drives engagement can be used to structure highly relevant communications with the prospect – basically zeroing in on the solution of interest and how fast/slow you advance the conversation. The Live Feed is your best signaling mechanism for insight into prospect preferences.

Here is a sample script:

Dear Ideal Prospect,
Attached is an article summarizing the regulatory issues discussed at Trade Show X last week. Also attached is an implementation plan for organizations allocating Q4 budget to this area. I will contact you Friday morning to discuss.
Best regards,

10x Sales Leader

If the prospect clicks on and reads the implementation plan (commit mode), then jump on the phone and support their evaluation with your own insights.  If they click on the article, then keep dripping and focus on higher priority targets.

Leveraging stage-based content in your sales email prospecting tool keeps everyone happy.

• The prospect is happy because you are providing very relevant support
• You are happy because you’re not shooting in the dark
• Your marketing team is happy because they know which content is converting
• Your sales manager is happy because you’re being highly productive

About Jeff L. Herrmann
A champion of B2B sales and marketing alignment and brand audience development, Jeff is passionate about leveraging content, sales automation technology and data to enable enterprise organizations to accelerate sales and realize extraordinary growth. A commitment to leadership development, learning, and teaching, Jeff has a live laboratory to experiment in every day as the Founder of SalesQuants and the Chief Revenue Officer ofFathom: Digital Marketing & Analytics. Jeff is a resource to both Sales Executives and CMOs because he understands the dynamics of their relationship.


Dreamforce Essentials for the Seasoned-Pro to the New Kid

Dreamforce, the mega powerhouse of cloud computing conferences starts on Monday, October 13th. Are you ready for it? It’s okay, take a depth breath. We’re in this together.

The four day event is filled with sessions, speakers, parties, networking opportunities, and live music. For some, it’s an annual pilgrimage. For all, Dreamforce is about making key connections and learning. It’s a great opportunity to meet industry thought leaders face-to-face, get ideas, experience real-time demos, and learn more about your industry. Even if you’re a seasoned Dreamforce-pro or a Dreamforce-newbie, each year is different.

Here are things to pack, so you’re prepared at any given moment:


1. Phone & Charger

Like daily life, your phone is important. It’s basically glued to you at all times. If you’re anything like 90% of people, you can’t function without your phone. Bringing your phone and phone charger to Dreamforce is no exception. If anything, this is when you need your phone the most.

2. Business Cards

Chances are you’ve got a box of these 3.5 x 2 inch cards stashed somewhere–on your desk, in a filing cabinet or on a shelf. During the four days of Dreamforce, this is where you’ll distribute out a majority of those cards. Be sure to bring enough.

Pro tip: Input acquired business card information right into your phone and connect in real-time, don’t wait until after Dreamforce to start building that relationship. It’s all about right now.

3. A Bag for Swag

Or, get a free bag to fill with swag.

4. A Pen

Sometimes, you have to go old-school and write old-fashioned notes. Write notes and key facts about whomever you’re talking to on the back their business card. It helped our Customer Happiness Officer Brooke Martin out at last year’s Dreamforce. Use those notes to form deeper connections down the line.

5. A Jacket

It’s San Francisco, you’ll always need a Jacket. Karl the Fog is real.

Above all, have fun. Soak up the atmosphere, don’t plan too much and don’t be afraid to play it by ear. In short, be prepared–but not too prepared.


The Best Sales Training I Never Knew I Needed

In preparation for this year’s Dreamforce conference, Sales Happiness Officer, Jess Green shares her reflections and lessons learned at last year’s Dreamforce. It also happened to be her very first day at ToutApp.

There are so many different sales training methods and strategies on how to ramp a new rep. I now believe I’ve experienced the best training a sales person can have Week One on the job — manning a booth at Dreamforce, or better yet, TWO booths!

Talk about jumping out of your comfort zone to allow yourself to truly grow. I experienced this first hand! I left a fantastic company that I had been very comfortable with over the past 5 ½ years. As I’m sure every person does when they start to consider a career move, I weighed my options of being “comfortable” and successful at my current company against taking a risk that could lead to even greater financial and personal success. I made the leap. And when I did, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy not only getting my feet wet the first week but diving in headfirst and not looking back.

My first day at ToutApp was on Friday, November 15, 2013. I figured with the presence and buzz ToutApp had for the upcoming Dreamforce conference, I knew I couldn’t pass up the experience to be a part of the team as they launched into the week.

Here are the 3 best training tips I have for your 1st week, whether it’s in an office or at this year’s Dreamforce.

1. Listen, Do, Reflect, Iterate

Take in as much as you can when listening to the team around you. This really applies to everyone, everyday. You never know when you are going to hear in an interaction that changes your perspective or is an “Ah-Ha!” moment of understanding. It could become the secret sauce of your sales process!

2. You don’t have to know everything

You JUST started, put your best foot forward, be confident, and when you don’t know an answer give yourself a break. Take note of the question, promise a follow up and here’s the big one…actually follow up!

3. Build relationships

In the end isn’t that what sales is all about? If you don’t know everything about the product get to know the people you chat with and what their challenges, goals, and focus is day to day. Once you finish ramping up you can apply your new knowledge to the conversation you had previously and I’m going to bet that relationship goes a lot farther than it would have if you just spewed feature after feature at them.

All I can say is, what a week! Remember these are not only key tips for week one but remind yourself throughout your career. Good luck to all of those who are currently in transition mode, I hope this helped :)