Life without ToutApp would mean “Less Deals Done”

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Matt Ellsworth, VP of Growth, at Storefront. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.


Storefront is a marketplace for short term retail real estate. Artists, eCommerce companies, designers, online retailers and sellers often times are in the market looking for short term real estate which can be difficult to find. What we do is take the legwork out – our team works with brokers and landlords in order to find amazing retail spaces for people to lease on a short term basis so they can sell their products and connect with their customers. 

Storefront makes it easy for people with something to sell to find space to sell it. 

How do you use ToutApp?

Along the lines of why a lot of people use Tout and the most addictive part is knowing when people are opneing you emails, knowing that someone had read your email and you can acknowledge the fact that they did recieve it. Tout allows us to stay on top of our prospects and give us the ability to know how successful our email campaigns are on an individual as well as a team basis.

What success can I attribute to ToutApp? Honestly, a whole lot of time saved.


Why Matt Loves ToutApp

  • Real Time Email Tracking: Knowing when people are opening your emails – that something is happening with the emails you send. It's the no clue zone and I like having a clue about that zone.
  • ToutApp Meeting Times: Being able to give a list of times you are available to meet or chat on the phone is a game changer. This function can save you 3-4 emails in any given email chain and if you do that five times a dat you are talking about a significant amount of time saved. 
  • Tout Templates: Eliminates that repetition and saves you a whole lot of time. 
  • Tout Group Emails: Being able to send a personalized email to a group of prospects is really amazing. It fills the void between marketing emails like mailchimp and copying and pasting the sames email over and over again.
  • ToutApp Happiness: The ToutApp team is always there to answer any and all questions when you need it. 

My life without Toutapp would mean less deals done.