How to Get a Tech Problem Solved Quickly Over Email

Have you ever emailed customer support or your IT department for help with a problem? Most of the time there's a lot of emailing back and forth, just to identify the problem. It clogs your inbox and it takes forever. If you can effectively communicate the right information to customer support or your IT department, you'll not only avoid an extensive and unnecessary email dialogue, but you'll also get your problem solved much faster.

Take the first steps to solve the solution yourself

You know what they're going to say first – stop, close, and restart. Go ahead and get that taken care of, and if you're still having an issue, move on to troubleshooting. Most sites have a help page. If it's easily accessible, search for your problem in the help page and see if there's an answer. Yes? Do what it says. No? Proceed to step two.

Send the right information

Since you weren't able to solve the issue yourself, it's time to go ahead and email support. While we all want to be polite in our communication, the best way to get your tech problem solved fast is to be direct.

Here's what to say in your email:

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Describe how you came to encounter the problem (what did you do before)
  3. List the steps you've already taken to try to solve the problem
  4. Attach a screenshot of the problem

Once you've done all the steps above, you'll probably get an email back with a list of action items that you can do to solve the problem. You'll avoid the back and forth, and the support team will be able to answer your questions right away.