ToutApp Adds Presentation and Website Tracking to Sales Communications Platform


We’ve been pretty busy at ToutApp lately – have you noticed? Today we’re announcing two additions to our powerful email tracking: attachment and site action tracking.


Email Attachment Tracking

For the average person in marketing or sales, email attachments are incredibly important. They provide compelling content to the recipient, they supplement what can’t be said in a short business email, and they’re what help sign the deal. If you know your recipients are interested in the content you’re providing them with, you have a far better chance of doing business together.

Now we’ll let you know when your recipient opens an attachment and is paging around the content. You’ll know when they open it, what’s most interesting to them, and if they come back to view it again and again (a good sign!). This new attachments platform is called Tout Connect, and we’ve got some great additions coming to it soon…. so stay tuned.

Here’s an example of what one of our trackable attachments looks like:

  New attachment.docx

Getting Started with Trackable Attachments

Tout Connect works in both on our website and in Gmail and Google Apps.

1) To attach a trackable email, go compose an email, and then click either the “Link” or “Link to File” buttons.


2) Choose your attachment and send it out. We support PDF, Word docs, and Powerpoint presentations.

3) Hit “Send” and fire up your Live Feed. You’ll see your recipients as they open and page through your attachments.

Site Tracking Actions

We rolled out our Site Tracking feature a few months ago to let you know when your email recipients independently visit your website.

We rely heavily on Site Tracking internally at ToutApp to see when prospects visit our pricing, “About Us”, and trial account pages. However, we quickly realized that there’s more to site tracking than just browsing around pages on your website. Now Site Tracking will alert you to the key actions that your leads are taking on your website: buying a product, signing up for an account, downloading an asset, etc etc.

Cool! How do I set it up site actions?

Log into our app and head over to our Site Tracking page in the Integrations pane. Follow steps 1-4.

Site tracking requires you to have access to your website’s underlying code. If you don’t have access yourself, you’ll need to talk to your web administrator to get started. All you’ll need to do is paste in some custom Javascript on the pages and action areas you’d like to track.

If you’re have any questions, you can always email for help.

We hope you get a chance to play around with the new features! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. And if you haven’t had a chance to get started with our app yet, you can start your free trial today.


How to write the best performing Sales emails

Put your brains together. That’s right. Here at ToutApp this is how we get stuff done. We use Tout to Tout Tout.

What’s our secret sauce? Team collaboration.

We want our emails to be sharp and successful. Sales emails should be casual. This is no excuse for bad grammar. Nor is catching up on emails late night. (ToutApp let’s me schedule emails to be sent later so my prospects don’t get an email from me at 2am on a Wednesday night.) Let’s give it a go to create the most successful sales template.

If I am sending out an email to 50 people, you can bet I want it to be successful. Three reasons I share templates:

1. I can get constructive feedback from my team.



2. I can keep track of my thoughts. 

Template analytics let me measure views and clicks.

Template notes let me keep tabs on everything else. “Closed most of my deals when I use this template or this template works best for prospects in New York”

3. Finally, if I share my templates my team shares theirs.

Sharing templates creates conversation around best practices without having to step away from my desk. Alerts directly from the Live Feed make this easy. I’ll see in real time when someone shares a template with me or comments on a team template.


Start sharing today! 


User of the Week: Dawoon Kang from Coffee Meets Bagel

I am the COO of Coffee Meets Bagel, a new social dating site where a 'Gilt Groupe' style daily deal meets online dating. Every day at noon, we match our members with one single who is their friend-of-friends. Members have 24 hours to “Like” or “Pass” their match, with two “Likes” resulting in a first date.

Our team is very small so we work fluidly but I mainly head the team's marketing effort.

A large part of my job entails building relationships with lots of potential partners and influencers in relevant industries. This involves a significant amount of cold-calling and emailing. I use ToutApp to hone my email title, messaging, and play with things here and there to increase the response/engagement rate. I love how I can track when and how many times the receiver views the email, clicks the link etc.

As a single in my late 20s, it's super fun working in the dating industry and in a product I absolutely LOVE to use myself! Part of my job entails socializing with many singles in the city at fun events and talking to them about their dating lives :) I feel so lucky to have this job.


Maximize your Sales Responses with Reply Tracking

ToutApp just got a little smarter

It’s always been our goal to give you real-time insight into your daily emails so that you can be more productive. We’ll tell you when someone views your email, clicks on a link, and most recently when a recipient visits your website.

Replies matter

But real conversations aren’t just about tracking. For lack of a better word, they’re about… conversing, the give-and-take of replying back and forth. Having to wait around for your dream customer to respond to your email is frustrating.

That’s why we recently rolled out reply tracking for the vast majority of our users. Now, if a prospect responds to your email, we’ll display this in the Live Feed along with all of our other tracking information.

Here’s a video that shows reply tracking in action:

Right now, reply tracking works for our Gmail and Google Apps users. We’ll be extending this to our other integrations soon. We’re also looking to roll out some cool new features with this technology soon, such as alerting you if an important email does or doesn’t recieve a reply after x days.

Sign up for ToutApp and check out reply tracking today.


Learn Which Leads are Visiting Your Website

Before the days of email tracking, you would send out emails and have no idea what happened to them. It was a complete mystery whether your messages were received, viewed, read, or forwarded to others. That’s why we created ToutApp, a simple way to track and manage your day-to-day sales emails.

Are Your Leads Browsing Your Website?

But there’s always more that can be measured. The people you’re emailing are visiting your corporate website, for instance, and clicking around to visit various pages. We knew it would be helpful for our users if they could see which leads were visiting their site. So we introduced Tout Site Tracking.


Track Site Visits in the Live Feed

If you're a ToutApp user, you're probably already addicted to our Live Feed that shows you when your emails are being viewed or clicked in real-time.

Now, with Tout Site Tracking, we'll show you when visits are happening in real-time as well. We’ll log repeat visits and show which pages your email recipients clicked through to. This helps shed insight on your leads’ behavior so you can craft the perfect follow up… or better yet, call the lead right then and there to help.

Are you using ToutApp?

Along with site tracking, we offer view and click tracking, templates, email analytics, CRM integration, and team collaboration features. Check out ToutApp today to get powerful insights into the actions of the people you’re emailing.

If you have a cool tip or best practice to share about how you make ToutApp work for you, we'd love to hear! Submit your own tip here.