5 Ways Schools Can Use Tout

In the past, we’ve talked about how Tout works with companies in fields like technology, housing, and hiring. Today we shift our way over to education to show how Tout can help schools streamline their communications.

Turns out running a school is no easy feat. It requires a deft balancing act of communication between staff, teachers, current families, and prospective families. Managing the day-to-day administrative work along with annual processes such as admissions and hiring creates the perfect storm of emails, which is where Tout fits in for Trinity Classical School of Houston.

Tout improves parent-teacher email communication for TCS, as well as communications with other schools and prospective staff members. Here are a few of the recurring tasks that Tout helps out with:

1) Notifying applicants about upcoming dates in the admissions process 
Trinity Classical School uses a rolling admissions process where each student’s application is processed in the order that it is received. As a result, each accepted applicant has their own timeline with a different due date for enrollment. Tout allows TCS to communicate with applicants at every stage of the admissions process, from initial inquiry to application to interview to acceptance to enrollment.

2) Exchanging academic data from other schools
As the school receives student applications, they need to request transcripts and recommendations from applicants’ previous schools. TCS uses Tout to coordinate with other schools in order to finish up the admissions process.

3) Hiring new teachers
Each spring TCS begins to hire new teachers for the upcoming school year. They need a way to communicate with applicants and keep up with all the resumés and applications as they arrive. A series of Tout templates help TCS navigate through the hiring process by setting meeting times and following up with applicants’ references.

4) Sending payment reminders
Tout allows TCS to send billing reminders to school email lists in cases where the school's accounting system doesn't offer the flexibility they need, or when the school needs to send an email reminder to new families who don’t yet have access to the school's intranet.

5) Reminding families of upcoming volunteer commitments
TCS relies on its parents to help out by volunteering at events such as school field trips. Tout allows the school to send a reminder to just those families that have signed up to volunteer that week.