Campaigns Update

We’ve been hard at work this year to improve Tout Sales Campaigns – from giving you the ability to customize and schedule Campaigns right from your inbox and CRM to giving you the option to be hyper personal when sending Campaign emails.

Today, we’re excited to tell you about our biggest upgrade yet: Campaigns 2.0

Intro to Campaigns 2.0

We’re launching Campaigns 2.0 for everyone in 2017 – but if you’d like to get early access, sign up here.

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Introducing: Tout Phone 2.0

At Tout, we strive to make your selling process easier and more productive. Last week we introduced Recommended Templates – an industry first – that predictively bubbles up the right messaging at the right time. Shortly before that, we launched Command Center, a single mission control for salespeople, which leverages all your Tout data to help you take the next step.

With more and more of our customers, we’re starting to see sophisticated, multi-touch, multi-channel (email and phone), semi-automatic (some automated drips and some personalization) outreach campaigns both for sales development reps and for closers.

While Tout has always offered the functionality to quickly click to call your prospect from the Live Feed, Command Center or directly from a contact – we realized a few shortcomings in current functionality.

For example, when using click to call directly from a contact record, you weren’t able to see your prospect’s name or any additional context while you were on the phone.


Tout Phone 1.0


Today, that changes. Welcome to Tout Phone 2.0.


With Tout Phone 2.0, you’re still able to quickly click to call from the Live Feed, Command Center and directly from a contact. However, you now have the aid of contextual history of your relationship with that prospect.


Tout Phone 2.0

And, you can continue to look at that context while you take call notes. Just like before, your call will automatically be saved to your lead or contact record in Salesforce. As sales teams evolve and crave better tools to manage their workflow, we’re constantly improving our platform.

Tout Phone 2.0 is made available today to all ToutApp customers. Please check it out and let us know what you think as this enhanced functionality is a direct result of customer feedback.


How To Build Trust Like an FBI Agent

I attended a conference last week (CMX Summit) that answered the question, how DO YOU engage people?

My favorite person that spoke was Robin Dreeke, former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program.

Sales is about connecting people. It’s about standing out in a crowd, getting into someone’s email inbox, or setting up a meeting. You may pride yourself on being charismatic, and you probably know how to close deals.

But, do you want to know how to do it faster? And more often?

Dreeke shared some psychological life hacks that will help you build trust and form relationships faster. They are easily applicable to your sales process since sales, in essence, is all about human interaction. Dreeke argues that people do not form loyalty with organizations, they form loyalty with people. Here are 5 things you should remember when understanding your leads or prospects. The more you’re able to connect with a person, the faster the relationship can be built.

1. Learn about their priorities, goals, and objectives.

The first step to understanding anyone is taking the time to learn about them. In sales, you should immediately gauge a deeper understanding of what is top of mind for your potential customers. How do you do this?

My absolute favorite line that Dreeke said was,

“If you don’t know what to ask, ask them what their challenges are.”

This question can apply to almost every life scenario. To build the bond and trust with any relationship (even your friends), you’ll want to establish understanding for their headspace. When you ask this question, the challenge they list is their number one priority they are dealing with at that moment. They’re telling you their gut reaction and thoughts! Use that to your advantage to sell.

2. Ego suspension. Get rid of it!

Even though this seems apparent, I think this is an amazing reminder for every salesperson. Sales is inherently competitive, so there has probably been cases when your confidence has helped you close deals. The fact of the matter is, your prospect on the other end of the email or call doesn’t care if you’ve closed the most deals on your team, or your boss thinks you’re the bees knees. At the end of the day, when you let go of your ego, you’ll become a better seller.

This quote really got me thinking. “Don’t be collateral damage in someone else’s insecurities.” In sales (and life in general), it’s easy and natural to take things personally. Say you have an angry person on the other line that won’t stop yapping. The minute you realize that their anger is simply that, their anger and not yours…it’s easier to not be so affected by the situation. Dreeke says,

“People very rarely go at you for personal reasons; it’s their own insecurities.”

Keep calm, and let go of your ego when selling.

3. Allow them to talk.

You might have heard this before, but now an FBI agent is absolutely confirming it. Finding the pain points on a sales call is one of the most important first steps you can take as a salesperson. Your main goal is to figure out how your product will fit in their company’s workflow.

In Sales, the best way to get to know someone and understand them is to LISTEN. Ask discovery questions, but always make sure they are talking more than you are. They can research your product online, but this is your chance to research them.

“Validation is nothing more than asking questions and find the context”

4. Place them ahead of you

Forget about your quota, and first think about how you can help them. The minute you start caring more about them, and they can tell that you do, the better seller you’ll be.

“HELP them understand what they are trying to do and achieve it.”

5. Seek their thoughts and opinions.

A good mentality to have is to seek your leads as resources too! Get excited that with every call or email, you get an opportunity to learn more about the space you’re selling to. Try asking their advice on a specific question. It’s different from your old-school sales strategy, but it will help you build a real relationship vs. being “salesy.”

Final takeaway…

When you build trust with a person, you’re able to feel like you’re some sort of team. Having a “partner” in the sales process will help both sides achieve their goals and build champions. Robin’s 5 pieces of advice might seem simple, but if you apply them on a daily basis, I believe you’ll become a better and faster seller.

After all, if you can build trust the way an FBI officer does, it’s likely you can build trust on your sales call.

If you have any sales tips/tricks you want to learn about, tell me here!



7 Ways to Get out of your Sales Slump

I had a bad sales month last month.  After a handful of losses on a Wednesday evening, I cried. What a wimp, I know. After a brief moment of utter disbelief and hurt I wiped the tears away and took a step back to reflect. What did I do wrong, what did I do differently from the previous month? For those who have lost a big deal or are just in a sales slump here is the breakdown that may assist in your sales ventures.

Step One: Stop Crying Ya Baby



Me Circa 1994

It’s only a deal not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. Take each loss with a grain of salt. Start with each step of the sales process – critically think about the conversations you had and the process of each sale. Start over and try new approaches on your next sale.

Step Two: Care about your prospects

Did you take at least 5-10 minutes to research that individual or that company? Do it now. Jump on Linkedin and get after it. Improve your cold emails with a touch of personalization, insight and value.

I absolutely loved John Barrows article “News Flash – your prospect doesn’t care how awesome you are.”

When prospecting, do some research and find something interesting to reference about a client before calling them and use that as an intro.  When meeting with clients, ask open ended insightful questions that put them in the position to be an expert. — John Barrows

Beyond the research, how are those emails performing? Are you monitoring analytics around the types of messaging that resonates to each customer?

Best Practice: Use Tout to get more insight around how successful your day to day emails are. Check out the engagement on this puppy…



Benchmark your templates to get above industry standard.

Rough average: 20% open rate & 5% click rate

Step Three: Be Smarter about your Follow-Up

It sounds so simple. So easy and it is. Just follow up. Following up can be the most underrated piece of the sales process. You have more than enough leads you can handle how do you balance follow up and remember all the customer specifics? Be smarter about your follow up, time follow up and make sure you are consistently hitting them up every 3 – 4 days. I’d recommend leveraging auto follow ups with Tout. Best Practice: I got this one from Doug Landis @ the Sales Hackers conference. Track everything. Track the messaging you are using and track the responses you get through email and over the phone. Track and learn what is working and what needs to be refined.

Step Four: Be Human

Above all… Be human. Ask about their day or weekend. Care.

Humans don’t buy from companies, humans buy from humans.

This is what we live by at ToutApp, our mantra. We solve real life problems for salespeople. We teach first and then we sell.

Step Five: Zip it and Listen

Want to get off the phone with a prospect and have them think “Wow, what a great call”? You must LISTEN. I will be the first to admit, I love to talk. Who doesn’t want to talk about themselves. But the more you listen, the more you learn, the more you can critically think about how you are going to solve the customers issues they have articulated on the that call. Take notes. You want your prospects to adore you, trust you and respect you… shut up and listen.

Recently, I was on an important call with our Chief Happiness Officer, TK. He, taught me something so incredibly powerful that the average company may lose sight of. He said, “Let’s forget about Tout, let’s talk about what you need to make your customer/team successful – what can we do to help them?” Or even ask your potential client the simple question, “What’s important for you right now?” You should never sell first. You teach, you listen and you build trust so your potential customer will want to partner with you. You are there to solve a real person’s issue at that moment.

Step Six: Promote Success and Happiness Above All

Sure – you are in sales, you should be selling. But what is selling without creating some type of success and happiness for the buyer? Customer success and happiness is key to your success. If your existing customers are not happy – you are doing it all wrong my friend. Keep in touch, check in, send a birthday card or company t-shirt.



Keep an honest relationship with your customer. Happy customers will bring you a long term partnership and potentially add-on sales. If your customer is successful then you are successful.

Step Seven: Don’t Give Up

Everyone has a bad day, bad week, bad month. Move on… get over it. Don’t give up.

Failure is just your judgement on an experience, because there are no failures, just learning opportunities. — Aaron Ross

The most successful salespeople learn from their mistakes and improve year after year. Learn from your bad days. Always try to be better, be the best of what you do whether you are selling carpet or an email solution.. give it all you got.

Questions, tips or tricks? Feel free to reach out anytime:


5 Things Learned from being a Collegiate Athlete that can be applied to Sales

Back in college being an athlete was a lifestyle. Up until my soccer retirement, I ate, slept, and dreamt the sport. The game of soccer taught me to be resilient, not to fear failure, and to work hard and never give up. Recently, I have come to realize that any sport really translates into the sales game within the business world. So, I decided to whip up a few lessons I learned from playing soccer for the Fighting Irish that have helped me in sales.



You will fail

Truth be told you are going to fail. Whether a game or a deal is lost failure is a part of life. Fear – it will get you nowhere.

Fear holds you back. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what you don’t know: these potential threats to your status quo can cripple your confidence and make you avoid the unknown. In order to realize your dreams, you must first learn how to confront your fears. — Noah Kagan

The people that are able to get up ten times after falling nine are capable of anything. Being able to push through all scenarios is what will in turn get you to where you want to be. I think the best lesson learned from college soccer was when I grasped the true understanding of what “drive” really was.  Pushing passed distractions, obstacles, overcoming adversity and failures to get to where you wanted to be.  I am a firm believer that you can push yourself further than you think. You just gotta keep swimming my friend.

8AM is not early

5AM, negative 20 degrees, half a mile walk to morning workouts. Good times. Morning workouts not only taught me I can endure the most agonizing weather but more importantly that “the early bird gets the worm.” I always felt more accomplished, and ready to get shit done. This translates to the sales world as well. Waking up at 5:00AM, grabbing my morning coffee and starting the day before most, gets me jazzed, ready to be proactive, productive and close some deals. If you don’t believe me, check out some successful superstars that take advantage of their sales day bright and early.

You gotta want to be the best

I am constantly looking to be better and do better. In the business world, you must be goal oriented. You want to win the National Championship? You think you can close that 10 million dollar deal? You need to strive to be the best, never waiver. You need to work harder, smarter. You need to do whatever it takes to get there. Do I sound a bit over the top? To some, I am sure, but to those who really want it, this probably really resonates. Because successful people are always looking to better themselves and move up to that next level. You need to do double days to become a starter? You need to work from 7AM – 7 PM for months to close that deal? What are you waiting for? Rise and shine and get after it. Hard work never goes undone.

Balancing Act

Some people can do it all. Athletics, academics, and balancing a social life while also giving back. This was always a struggle for me. Today, after college – family, social life, success, and health are hard to juggle successfully.

Power to those people who can do it all. That deserves a slow clap.



For someone who is not superhuman – pick two of the above. Multi-tasking and trying to do it all is not easy peasy. Plan out your week ahead of time and take it one day at a time, do the best you can. If you fall short, it’s okay, try the next week. It is all a balancing act and takes practice.

Respect your competitors

Know your competition. Respect your competition. What people don’t realize that it is more important to know the competition’s strengths and weaknesses than what you are actually going to present. Do your homework first then plan your strategy.



So many times people are afraid of competition, when it should bring out the best in us. We all have talents and abilities, so why be intimidated by other people’s skills? — Lou Holtz

On the field, in the office, you should always respect your competitors. They are going to teach you, push you, make you better. Lost a deal from the competition, take a step back, analyze and learn from the loss.  Chances are you won’t lose from that competitor again.

Sales and athletics can go hand and hand.  For those of you who competed in sport, who are in sales, parlay that into role today. Work hard, be resilient and close deals. Of course, while leveraging ToutApp in the process.



6 Ways to Become a Kickass Seasoned Seller

From the 1980’s until now the sales process is a whole new ball game. From closing the deal on a cocktail napkin to now using various tech-tools to simply land a meeting. Sales has indeed changed. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat this past Labor day weekend with one of the greatest saleswoman I have ever met. Back in the day the companies she worked for insured her due to how valuable she was to the company. Wowza.



Backing her game up since the 1980’s, she shared with me some of her most simple tips around being a successful seller. So grab a hot dog, take a seat, and enjoy a few insights around how you can learn from the seasoned sellers and step up your own sales game.

1. Grab a coffee with a potential buyer

Forget that you are trying to sell and focus on the person you are engaged with. This will not allow you to build a foundation for a solid relationship but give you the opportunity to listen to their story and their needs.  Listen intently and ask questions. Drop your phone, close your laptop and listen. You can tell a whole lot from a potential buyer by just listening. Time frame, budget, issues, pain points, hesitations, even methodologies. Sometimes selling isn’t at all about the actual selling. It’s about understanding the needs, wants and issues of the person that is about to be your potential buyer.

2. Be Persistent

A lot of times your potential client is busy and doesn’t reply to your emails, show any interest, or even buy from your service at that time. Don’t show your disappointment. Be a good sport. Hang in there, keep forging ahead with emails and calls. Continuous follow up is going to be key. Let them know you know they are busy but you are there when they need you.



My Sales Tip: Put them on a nurtured drip campaign using ToutApp. That way they are getting highly personalized and consistent follow up over the course of weeks or months.

Most negative reactions I have recieved thus far:

You are persistent…do you know that? Let’s hop on a call.

Consistency and persistency will pay off in the end. Just don’t go too overboard:

Ease up on the fun dip Jen.

3. Be Transparent and True

If you are asked a tough question that you cannot answer… be honest…don’t wing it. Instead of fumbling, let them know you will get back to them the same day with the answer or will have an engineer call them back with the answer. Never drop the ball on any of their requests!

4. Train, Practice, then Throw the Pitch

Did you know that 66% of opportunities close the deal with the person who helps them create the vision and teaches them something new? Pretty neat…right? The salesperson that educated them with new ideas and perspective are more likely to close the deal. You want to add value. And interestingly enough, the #1 reason that people buy is not only due to need but for the sales experience. Train, teach your potential customers first then close the sale.  If you’re good enough, they will ask for more and make selling that much easier.



5. Build Trust

Trust is built on listening and understanding the customers wants and needs. Do what you say you are going to do. The potential customer must trust you in order to be your partner. You must nurture and care for them. Think authentic, relevant, and personal communications. Think of how you feel when you are do business with people you trust. Be yourself, don’t always feel sheltered by professionalism.  I am more likely to trust someone if I can tell they are real with me. Sharing a joke or a story may not only put them at ease but allow for certain barriers to be broken down and allow them to open up to you.

My Sales Tip: Get to know your prospects. Beyond the sales workflow and pain points, try to dig deeper. Favorite football team, hometown, hobbies even favorite sales tumblr. Find that personal touch and build that trust.

Every Wednesday, I shoot over this video to my potential customers and they always get a kick of it. Make your communication unique and engaging.

6. Knowledge is Power



But seriously, I cannot stress this one enough. Study, learn more about your customer and what they do and what they will need prior to chatting with them about your product. You should always be craving to learn more. Know and understand the ins and outs of your industry. Biggest pains, puns, latest innovations, selling strategies, best practices. This will give a fresh and insightful perspective for your potential customers. Always try to be the best at what you do day to day.

Master the crap out of your sales market. Read articles on your target industries, join webinars, go to a sales Meet-up, or network events in the area. Follow the top twitter accounts, top bloggers and influence leaders in the field. And soak it in and apply it to what you are doing. You will only become more successful as a sales professional and leverage that knowledge to become a thought leader within your industry.

Sales is truly an art. One can never be perfect at it and there is always room for growth and improvement. It takes years to become a master of sales. Be persistent, be transparent, teach, listen, build trust and throughout it all have your own voice.

Just remember, a good salesperson takes their job seriously and wants to be the at the top of their game. They are competitive and do not want to lose. Have conviction that what you are offering will greatly add to the prospects’ life, belief that this is the best offer the prospect can choose, determination to communicate that you are right and drive to close deals on deals on deals.

P.S. If you aren’t already – start Touting, for crying out loud.


Why sales teams everywhere are buzzing about Tout

Sales teams everywhere are buzzing about Tout. While over 50,000 salespeople are already in the know, we decided it was time to slow down on building product and spend a bit more time talking about what exactly makes Tout the best thing to hit up the sales world since the CRM and the Auto Dialer. Thats right, we said it. Tout is the type of thing that is revolutionizing sales processes across the globe and we're going to give you the lowdown on why so that you're in-the-know.

The one resounding feedback we've gotten from our customer base is that when it comes to Tout: a) its true love once you see it, and b) seeing is believing. So, instead of putting together a long boring blog entry, or an equally snooze-worthy powerpoint presentation, we've put together a few extremely causal videos explaining the magic of Tout to you in our own style. Would you let us know what you think of this form of presentation in the comments area below?

What is Tout? Why should I care?

Fair question. With the hundreds of sales tools out there, we too get a little tired of the next hot startup thats promising to close more deals while you lay on the beach. In this short video, we explain exactly how Tout helps your sales team and why its different from Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and any other point-feature tool that people might be trying to sell to you.

If there's one thing to take away from this video, its this: Tout unifies communications sales teams so they can focus on the most engaged leads and close more deals.

Tout in Action

“I love Tout.”

Did you know that is how most of our customers describe their relationship with Tout? Although we never get tired of hearing it, we do hear that phrase day in and day out. What? A piece of software thats for salespeople and sales managers that they actually love? Watch this video and see why.

Tout for Salesforce

Now, although Tout comes with a light CRM built into it (we call it Relationships), its designed to integrate into larger CRMs like Salesforce. Today, ToutApp has a 5-star rating in the Salesforce AppExchange. When you connect Tout to your CRM, you're able to do these key things:

  • Send personalized and trackable emails to one or more leads with the click of a button (great for quickly doing your initial touch with leads)
  • Run personalized drip-campaigns on a list of leads with the click of a button (great for building relationships)
  • Automatically keep your CRM up to date. Tout automatically logs your email and phone activity for you
  • Get unique visibility across your sales team's pipeline with predictive analytics
  • …and more

Again, seeing works better. Here's a video that covers how Tout works beautifully with Salesforce.

Don't take our word for it…

Here are a few videos we've featured in the past from real customers (from tiny to small to large) talking about ToutApp. By the way, want to do a video about Tout? Get in touch with us at If you're feeling inspired RIGHT NOW, record yourself now and send it over and I'll post it on this blog.

Mark from ConnectAndSell

Matt from Storefront

Jason from Aarki

Andrew from Tula Software

In Conclusion

This is just a glimpse into why Tout is taking the sales world by storm. In my next few posts, I'll be digging into details around various aspects of the ToutApp platform and how some of our most successful customers are using it. Want me to cover something specific? Mention it in the comments below.

Lastly, if your sales team isn't on Tout yet, you really should start a trial and talk to one of our Happiness Officers for a demo.


Charter Your Own Territory

You know the saying “good things happen to those who wait”? I think that's a bunch of bolognie. The “take the bull by the horns” motto has always seemed to be more of my style.  As I transition into this scary and foreign territory of post grad life, I can say with utmost confidence that I am exactly where I want to be. I will not contribute this to luck, because I think luck is a synonym for people unwilling to put forth the effort. I think, crazy enough, that I can thank my life motto for all the good fortune that has come my way.


Happiness is in the Little Things

This simple phrase seemed to be the most fitting descriptor of my first full week on the job as a “Happiness Officer”. I knew this job was going to be completely unconventional when my boss, TK,  offered me to start on a Friday. I thought,  “A Friday?Not a Monday?…I think I’m going to like it here”. But that is what ToutApp is all about: making something unconventional into a conventional masterpiece.

Sprinkles of Happiness:

My first speck of happiness occurred on day one when we took a team lunch to Osha. This just so happens to be my favorite Thai restaurant in the city. It is also located directly across the street from our office. Good start. My day only got better upon learning that my fellow coworkers love chocolate just as much as I do. They offered me an assortment of Ghiradelli Chocolates. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Before the day wrapped up, I got around to creating my account for ToutApp and actually started using this software I would be promoting. I “touted” my first few emails and stalked my live feed. When I say stalked, I mean my eyes literally did not part from the screen. I held back a scream when my first email got read. I found out later that this first view was from my lovely mother but ,hey, at least it got viewed. I was amazed at the sheer brilliance of this software, yet frustrated with myself that I had never used it before. Needless to say I was hooked.

Throughout the rest of the week, these specks of happiness sprinkled down on me like fairy dust. Simply talking to a customer or solving a general problem became quite rewarding. Conveniently, I found that our customers actually WANT to engage in these conversations with us. Sometimes people just need to know someone is listening to them. And not just listening, but dissecting what they are actually trying to say. At ToutApp we want to teach our customers everything we know about our software, because 9 times out of 10 they love our product just as much as we do.

Recipe For Success:

I wanted to work at a startup where there would be immense opportunities for growth and learning. My experience working with ToutApp thus far can be compared to the perfect recipe:

-7 cups of creativity (7 member company)
-a spoonful of challenges
-couple splashes of excitement
-1 heaping mound of happiness

All in all there are no sales scripts or right/wrong answers. Being a Happiness Officer really only calls for one thing, and that is to be yourself. To me, that is the happiest specks of them all.

Game Changer:

My advice to post grads still searching for their niche: don't stop searching. Giving up and settling for a semi-bearable job that requires one cup of coffee an hour will start to take its toll. Granted, we all have to start somewhere. However, the difference maker is those willing to go the extra mile(SSSSSS).. and keep going.  Just don't forget to stop along the way to take it all in.



5 Lead Generation Tips for First Time Entrepreneurs

This guest comes to us from Brian Spero. Brian is a contributing member of the Money Crashers team, where he helps promote via social media and shares tips related to business, marketing, technology, and more.



A business without leads is like a racecar with no gas. You might have a machine primed to go the distance, but without the necessary fuel, you’re going nowhere fast. As a first-time entrepreneur with a sound business plan and quality product, your success hinges on identifying prospects and attracting them to your offerings. If you are eager to initiate revenue streams, whether you are starting a small business or launching an individual venture, consider these five tips for generating an effective list of leads.

1. Invite Consumers to Opt-In

The first step to gathering quality leads is simply asking potential clients you interact with to subscribe to your marketing list. Studies confirm that your highest rate of conversions will emanate from leads that knowingly opted in to your communications. When it comes to leads, quality always counts before quantity, making it essential to first identify the core audience that represents the highest potential for success. By putting yourself in the right places, whether it means joining online forums, attending trade shows and events, or commenting on popular industry blogs, you can start to build a list of contacts to successfully market to.

  • Utilize search engine optimization (SEO), targeting niche keywords to start driving traffic to your website.
  • Invite consumers to opt-in to your contact list whether you are registering them at the time of purchase or reaching them by email, on the phone, or via direct mail.

2. Get Into the Content Game

It’s not always easy for those new to Internet marketing to grasp how producing content for an online audience is effective for generating leads. The idea is to produce useful, intelligent, and relevant content that your target audience will value and enjoy. With each individual that your content reaches, you gain the opportunity to not only recruit a new subscriber and extend an offer, but also gain deeper insight into what your customers covet most. By using content marketing to educate the public about the value of your products and services, you effectively pre-qualify leads by confirming their interest, while at the same time establishing your business as an industry voice and trusted authority.

  • Share content across multiple platforms, such as your company blog, industry specific forums or magazines, and social media channels, creating video and text communications that contain relevant information for consumers.
  • Track and analyze content metrics and user interaction to gain insight into your core audience in order to hone an approach that leads to conversions.

3. Don’t Be Shy About Paying for Leads

While some frown upon it, most experts see purchasing or renting leads as a perfectly acceptable method to expand your reach. SEO can take a while to start driving heavy traffic to your website and pay-per-click is expensive for competitive markets. But working with a high quality lead source can supplement your list and help get your wheels turning. By steadily bringing in qualified leads that return on your investment, you not only begin to generate much needed revenues, but also serve the purpose of getting your name out there while building valuable customer relationships that support your broader campaign.

  • Choose a provider that can demonstrate a track record of results, possesses precise lead targeting capabilities, and offers full-scale modern solutions to maximize ROI.
  • Have a professional software management application in place to assist in honing your approach and nurturing leads for optimal efficiency.



4. Make the Most of Low-Cost Advertising

Advertising is a proven sales motivator, as well as an effective way for new businesses to generate quality leads quickly. By identifying inexpensive methods to advertise online and extending a hard-to-refuse offer, you can begin to build a base of genuine buyers. Placing ads on niche sources such as blogs and websites where your best prospects typically congregate, or using an outlet such as Facebook to run ads that strategically target qualified leads, represent affordable solutions that also serve to boost brand exposure.

  • Subscribe to the idea that most businesses make 80 percent of their revenue from 20 percent of their customers, applying laser-sharp focus to advertising to consumers most likely to buy.
  • Use Google Ads that charge only when they are clicked on as a scalable solution to help control costs with adjustable daily spending limits.

5. Seek Referrals to Drive Your Business

For most businesses, word-of-mouth referrals are like gold, delivering a high rate of conversion while forging loyal consumer relationships. Armed with a knockout offer and some compelling, potentially viral content, the Internet provides rich hunting grounds for dynamic referral marketing opportunities. A straightforward strategy is to combine your content marketing efforts with some social media mojo, offering consumers valuable information or opportunities to receive free or discounted services for promoting your content. When properly executed, your customers will endorse your brand to their friends, followers, and professional circles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Place social media sharing buttons on your website and all of your online content, inviting users to “like” and share your content and offers.
  • Run events and promotions geared toward building a qualified consumer base, extending referral rewards that targeted buyers value and pursue.

Final Thoughts

Effective lead generation is what puts the wind in the sails of great entrepreneurial ideas, funneling a steady stream of customers to your quality products and services. By making contact with potential buyers in ways that establish your reputation and authority, as well as build enduring relationships and stimulate referrals, you can quickly grow a base of leads to chart a profitable course for your business venture.

How else can new entrepreneurs effectively generate leads? For more tips on how to generate more leads, follow up with them, and increase your sales check out How to Rock Your Lead Generation.


“ToutApp brings a way more effective approach to selling”

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Andrew Wicklander, Founder of Tula Software. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

After using Tout for a while on our sales team, I honestly can't imagine doing this work without it.

Meet Andrew


About Tula Software

Our company makes software for independent yoga studios to help them run their businesses. We help them do things like set people up on memberships, charge credit cards at the same time each month, manage their class schedules, and track student attendances and purchases.

Why do you love ToutApp?

To be really honest, I was actually a little skeptical of Tout when I first heard about it. I mean, I understood the idea, but 'email templates' sounded kind of cold and impersonal to me.

As we learned more about Tout though, and as we put it to use, what we actually saw in practice is that Tout is a great tool to use because we want our emails to be personal.

Unlike marketing email campaign programs, Tout really let's us focus our writing on the prospective customers we're reaching out to. What it also does though is cut down on the amount of time it takes to include information that we're repeating in every email. Things such as:

  • Our features
  • Our pricing options
  • Customer testimonials
  • Etc, etc, etc.

It was a mistake to think that Tout is some sort of cold, impersonal piece of software. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Tout allows us to be efficient as we introduce ourselves to new people, while still affording our sales team the opportunity to be human and personal.

The other great thing about Tout are the reports and team-wide analytics that I can view. Because we can see which emails are the most effective, we're able to collaborate and work as a team to figure out what messaging is working and what isn't.