Release Notes: Slack Integration(!) and other updates

Always logged in to Slack at work? Us too.

Which is why we partnered with the Slack team to build an app that creates a Tout Salesbeat channel in Slack.

Now, your sales team’s success is celebrated company-wide in a Slack channel – whenever a sales rep Rings the Gong in Tout, the deal is sent to Slack for the whole company to see.

Smells like the sweet success of team celebration.

Get your very own ToutApp Salesbeat channel, here.

But wait there’s more!

Our team has also been hard at work to improve our platform and our other integrations on the daily.

We’re not saying our engineering team looked like this over the last month, but we’re also not saying they didn’t:

So what have we done?

Updates to Tout in Gmail:

  • If you create a scheduled one-off email in Gmail (so it appears in your drafts folder) and delete the scheduled email from, it will now delete the draft from Gmail
  • We’ve just finished rolling out a fix for the “Gmail display name missing in inbox” bug for customers that are using the Gmail API. With this fix, the emails sent using Gmail API will start displaying your name. We try to match the “from” email to the alias information from Gmail and get the display name. If we are unable to get the name, we fallback to using the name in your email signature in Tout.
  • Display name on send compliance emails (send compliance is how we talk about having your Touted emails get copied to your Sent folder in Gmail)  – ex: “brad pitt” will show instead of “” in the sent folder in gmail
  • If your Touted emails don’t get posted to your sent folder in Gmail, we now retry them until they do
  • We are now displaying the proper recipient in the “To:” field for emails we post to your Drafts folder
  • We now support large attachments (> 5mb) via Gmail API


Updates to Tout Sales Campaigns:

  • You now have visibility into which templates are part of a Campaign and who on your team is using them.
    • We now bubble up a message when you are deleting a Template that is associated with campaigns
  • Master Admins can re-name Campaign categories that have been shared
  • Non-Admins can now view the content of emails and tasks on Campaigns that have been shared with them. Previously you were left in the dark. LET THERE BE LIGHT.
  • We fixed a bug where adding a large group via “Add People” in the Campaigns tab was broken
  • We fixed a bug where Bounced Emails were counting towards delivered in Campaign Analytics.
  • We fixed a styling issue where you couldn’t see the full calendar when launching and scheduling a campaign from SFDC


  • We no longer support an integration with Capsule CRM.


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Release Notes: Campaigns 2.0 and Other Enhancements

New Year, New Campaigns

As you may have noticed, Campaigns has a new home in

And not only does it have a brand new home in our top navigation bar, it also has a brand new create and manage experience.

Going from this:

To this:

In addition to getting its own tab, we’ve added a slew of new features, enhancements and bug fixes to the latest and greatest version of Campaigns.


  • Easy setup
  • Quick view of who is on a Campaign and their progress
  • A new Campaigns-only Task list
  • Settings to make your Campaign as automated or as personalized as your sales process
  • The ability to kick off a Campaign everywhere you work – Gmail, Outlook, OWA, Salesforce and

With January still close behind us we are diligent about keeping up with our New Year’s Resolution and continuing to improve Campaigns.

For example, you can now do bulk actions, sort and page through all of your tasks:

But that’s not all, we’ve also made the following improvements across the site:

  • We addressed an issue where phone numbers were showing up as the ‘default (email) address’ in some cases
  • We also fixed an issue where the Salesforce Settings set by a Tout Administer weren’t getting set across the entire team
  • We now delete pending/scheduled emails if a campaign is ended on a reply – previously they were falsely marked ‘failed delivery’
  • Previously, if you were logged into multiple Gmail accounts and Tout at the same time,  Tout didn’t know which email address you wanted to send from. Now, we pass the username you’re logged into in Gmail to Tout to deliver the email. Just make sure you’re on the latest version – ToutApp for Chrome v 8.5


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Release Notes: Improvements to Features and Integrations

We’ve been quite busy on the product/engineering side of things since my last update in February. We’ve given you more room in Tout, fixed bugs and improved our experience in Salesforce, Outlook AND Gmail. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a little caffeine and some eclectic tunes (like David Bowie, Justin Bieber and Dropkick Murphys. And ok, ok, maybe just a little Kanye).

Read on to to learn about improvements.

Powdering our nose:

  • We cleaned up the help menu to only give you what you need:
    • Tout University: The go-to site for tips, tricks and FAQs
    • Ask a Question form: Need best practices? Something seems off? Fill out this form and our happiness team will get back to you ASAP
    • Talk to Sales form: Need to add another seat to your account? Want to upgrade? Answer a few quick questions and sales will be in touch
  • New updated Favicon (the little image on the top of the browser tab) to be our current logo (helloooo 2016)
  • We added more room for activities by removing our footer across all pages in
  • We removed the default dynamic fields in your email signature for first-time customers, to save some time in getting set up


  • Some of you experienced throttling when your Campaign had multiple steps and the second email step was scheduled to go out at midnight. Moving forward this will not be an issue
  • Shared Campaigns are now editable by Master Admins (in addition to Team Admins). Teammates will not be able to edit a shared Campaign unless they have Admin status

Signatures and Templates:

  • Formatting(bulleted and numbered lists, text alignment etc.) were not saving on templates when the email was being sent. Now all formatting made through the text editor will show correctly when editing, as well as post-saving
  • Your email signature will now dynamically change when you toggle between identities in the Compose window in
  • Any adjustment to image size in the image uploader (in either templates or in your email signature) will be saved to your desired size


  • You should see the Template name for your “Most Engaging Templates” in “Me” analytics instead of the subject line


  • If you are on a plan with group limits, some of you may have experienced an issue when uploading a CSV with empty values. We now handle this case for CSV uploads.

Sales Gong:

  • Some customers were experiencing 500 errors when ringing the Sales Gong, but no more!



  • Tout engagement events (view, click, reply, website visits, etc.) now consistently push to Marketo if you have the integration connected
  • With Salesforce Sync Override, new user added to a subscription should be able to connect to Salesforce via BCC or API and have their activity log
  • Non-Enterprise customers can now log their activity to Salesforce via API (if their subscription of Salesforce has that capability)
  • You can now email contacts with apostrophe’s in their email address when using the Email with Tout button in Salesforce or the blue Tout envelop (via the Chrome extension)


  • You can now successfully use the “Add Email to Salesforce” button in the read view of your inbox if that lead or contact exists in Salesforce


  • The Live Feed in Outlook is now the fully functional Live Feed that you get from (woo!)
  • When you log into Tout – you should not be asked to download a login file
  • If you’re not logged in to Tout, you should see a modal to do so when you fire up Outlook
  • After logging in, you shouldn’t see any additional log in pop up
  • The Login screen no longer defaults to a blank page
  • Logging in from the Live Feed should work consistently
  • The Getting Started guide only displays when you’re getting started
  • Saving a Template from Outlook should save the Template in under the category “Outlook Imports”
  • Some customers were experiencing an issue where Templates and Campaigns weren’t being displayed in the Compose Window
  • We fixed an incorrect spelling of the word “retrieve” (i before e….)
  • You can now change task priority (low, normal, high) from the Tasks List in the Live Feed
  • We fixed some styling issues in the Tasks List and Sales Beat tab in the Live Feed
  • We’re now using faster loading indicators
  • The “Give Feedback” modal now goes away after you submit said feedback
  • You can now successfully ring the Sales Gong from the Live Feed (We weren’t displaying the ‘Ring the Gong’ action button consistently)
  • You can now successfully uninstall Tout for Outlook (but why would you want to?)
  • Cleaned up Calendar performance

Release Notes: Campaigns Enhancements

A little over a month ago, we released Sales Campaigns to help you translate your Sales Playbook into an easy to execute workflow.

We’ve been busy bees since the launch, quickly iterating and incorporating feedback from you. Today, I’m happy to share additional bug fixes and product enhancements made since the launch of Campaigns 1.1. The latest releases have focused on improving your experience with creating and running Campaigns.

Check out the improvements made:

  • You can now choose a category to put your Campaign in- regardless of the category you’re in:

Choose a Category for your new Campaign

  • You can now delete a scheduled email that is part of a campaign. Just click on the ‘delete’ button:Delete a Scheduled Campaign Email
  • Cloned Campaigns are now displaying for the right user – previously the creator of this Campaign was seeing the cloned version.
  • We’ve removed the 250 character limit on Call Scripts, InMail Scripts and Custom Task Instructions. Now, you can create and view scripts and instructions up to 1K characters.

That’s all for this week! If you’re a ToutApp enterprise customer, you can start taking advantage of these updates today.

Not an enterprise customer? Upgrade your account by contacting Sales today to gain access to Sales Campaigns.


Release Notes: Improvements from A-Z

At Tout, we’re always innovating on product – but we’re also committed to improving current functionality. Which is why we’re happy to share recent fixes and updates to Tout – from Analytics to team management functionality.

Analytics page fixes:

  • When a user chose a custom date range in the analytics pages, we were not displaying the correct dates.
  • The Peak engagement time was incorrect in Analytics – we were not converting it to that user’s time zone.
  • If a user created a template and shared it with the team, they were unable to see all analytics tied to that template.
  • If a user clicked on a shared template link in Salesbeat, they were not taken to that template
    There was a lag between the Deal alert in the top of the Live Feed and a card being generated in Salesbeat

Dynamic Field Fixes:

  • Dynamic field modal search was not case insensitive.
  • Custom fields over 16 characters were creating styling errors in the Contact Details View.
  • SFDC dynamic fields do not populate when ‘-‘ is in a contact’s email address.

Tracking Fixes:

  • The counter of sent emails in the Live Feed appeared incorrect when over 1,000 emails had been sent in a day.
  • Click tracking was not appearing after a reply has been detected in Gmail.

Email Fixes:

  • Preview on template with bullet points appeared incorrect.
  • Failed drip campaign were sending all emails in drip on resend instead of just the failed messages.

Team Management fixes:

  • The team management page was showing the incorrect number of pending team invites.
  • Team Admins were unable to edit shared templates within their team.
  • Admins were receiving a 500 error when trying to manage a deleted user.

Tout Phone fixes:

  • When using Tout phone, the recipient was seeing a NY phone number, not the caller’s number on their caller ID.
  • The call box on Tout Phone was causing some styling issues.

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Speed Performance

Today, we’re happy to tell you about an improvement to that increases speed, load time and performance site-wide.

At Tout, we have a number of background workers that process everything. They do all of the work for us, so you don’t have to sit around and wait for your email to send.

Or for tracking events from your big fish prospect to filter into the Live Feed.

Or for your reps activities to post in your CRM. Or for you to share a template with the CSM team.

Or for your post to get shared in Salesbeat.

Or… you get the point.

Lately, though, you’ve been having to sit around and wait for those things to happen.

And you know what? That sucks.

But We’re not going to let you sit around and wait for a minute more.

We’ve added significant capacity to the workers that process those actions and events. We’re committed to make sure that everything happens lightning fast.

Here’s to not sitting around and waiting.


Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Tidying Up


This week, we’re happy to share an array of positive improvements to our product – from UI glitches to feature enhancements. These upgrades to Tout are a direct result of your feedback, so please, keep it coming. Read on to get the specifics around what went out in our latest release.

Bugs Fixed:

  • We fixed a lone comma that appeared if a contact has a company but no title
  • There was an error that would prevent users from accurately filling out our Sign-Up form
  • We now allow for 50 contacts to be bulk-selected in Relationship Groups – which is the maximum number of contacts allowed to be sent a custom group email
  • We improved delays in posting event data in Salesforce
  • We fixed an error around CSV uploads to the Relationships page

UI Glitches Resolved:

  • When refreshing a Relationship Group, a styling issue with the number of contacts in the group was fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally delete the ‘Failed Delivery’ or ‘Delivery in Progress’ filters in the Conversations page.
  • In the Settings page, Step 4 now accurately takes users to the page to set up their Email Delivery Channel
  • Notes on a contact now consistently appear on Contact Details
  • You’ll now visually see when your changes in your Salesforce Settings are saved in Tout
  • Templates that use numbers and characters (ie -3×3 04/2015) are now linkable


Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Reply Tracking and Delivery Updates

This week, we’re happy to tell you about several improvements we’ve made to Tout – spanning from tracking Out of Office replies to updating you when your email has been Bounced or ended up in Spam.


New UI for Spam/Bounced Emails
  • Tout now bubbles up emails marked as Spam, in addition to bounced emails and delivered emails
    • Spam emails will be flagged with this icon: spam_icon2
    • Bounced emails will be flagged with this icon: bounced_icon2
  • Under the “Failed Deliveries” folder in the Conversations tab, you’ll see Spam and Bounced as filters
  • Tout bubbles up why an email was Bounced or marked as Spam Only IF it was reported
Out of Office Replies
  • For users that have a Gmail integration, Tout reply tracking technology will now capture Out of Office Replies (OOO) and bubble that up in the Live Feed and in the sent folder
    • OOO Replies will be flagged with this icon: Door_exit_with_arrow_to_the_right_16
    • These do not count as a true “reply” in Tout (and won’t affect your drip campaigns being turned off)
  • If a recipient views the email/engages otherwise after they’re back in the office Tout will reflect that

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.


Release notes: Chrome Email Plugins

We’ve been really busy this month – working on a brand new home page for Tout, called Command Center. However, as always, we’ve been continually improving our platform in tandem with releasing brand new functionality.

This week, we’re happy to tell you about a few things we’ve updated and fixed:

  • A fix for our OWA integration (Microsoft had made a change that removed the “Tout It” button)
  • Resolved an issue where Niko would open blank in Gmail.

Want to download ToutApp for Chrome? You can, here.

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.


Release Notes: Dynamic field improvements

This week, we’re happy to tell you about several improvements we’ve made to Tout – spanning from dynamic fields performance, to support for special characters.

  1. Contacts with three names, like ‘Betty Sue-Ann’ will resolve correctly when using dynamic fields
  2. Fix for company name fallback with Salesforce Contact information
  3. We now support special characters, like “+”, in email addresses
  4. Tout will now display duplicate email addresses (up to 5 emails) that are being de-duplicated during the Push to Tout process

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.