Don’t Let Being Organized Keep You from Being Productive

Chris Edgar of Stepcase Lifehack wrote a cool post about the value of “workplace yoga,”  and it had some great insights on the difference between productivity and organization:

“Usually, when we think about productivity, images of well-organized e-mail inboxes and color-coded folders come to mind.  But these things alone aren’t enough to make us efficient.  If our minds aren’t disciplined — our attention is scattered, or we feel sluggish or anxious — work will be a struggle, no matter how organized our workspace is.”

As someone who spends a lot of time organizing, thinking about organizing, and reading about organizing, I know firsthand that organizing can be an excellent procrastination tool. When you spend time cleaning and arranging your space, it relieves stress and takes time, so it’s almost a positive form of procrastination. At least that’s what I tell myself… But hey, even Alexander Pope said, “Order is heaven’s first law.”

Just because you’re organized doesn’t mean you’re going to be productive. There’s a huge difference between having your time managed and using your time effectively. When you get up in the morning, do you sort through your emails and categorize them, or do you just answer the ones you can and move on? Creating a system to save time doesn’t guarantee you’ll be more productive. Toutapp can save a ton of time on emails, but not if you’re spending your time on Toutapp constantly tweaking and reorganizing your templates. Write one, write it well, label it in a way that makes sense, then send it (over and over) and move on. Focus on the ways that tools like Toutapp make you productive rather than organized.

Tired of re-writing the same Emails? Want to know when someone has Viewed or Clicked on an Email? Use Toutapp.

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