If you’re not using ToutApp for PR – You’re doing it wrong.

As a PR veteran, your pitches are awesome. You know this, and your clients know this – but the journalists you’re speaking to on a everyday basis don’t. Getting their attention in the first place is difficult enough. But gettting them to read through your whole email – let alone respond? Challenging.



If you’ve been in PR for years, you’ve amassed your own knowledge of what does and doesn’t work with your pitches, but with ToutApp, you’re getting actual data. Our solution lets you nurture relationships with reporters, tailor your emails to each recipient, email multiple journalists at once, and learn what does and doesn’t work in the world of PR pitches.

Email those pitches faster. 

You can quickly send personalized emails to journalists right from inside of Gmail or Outlook using ToutApp’s customizable email templates. And with ToutApp’s group email functionality you can send a single pitch to multiple reporters.

Here is how Toni Antonetti, Founder and CEO of Chicago PR uses Tout: 

I send out lots of story pitches, but I like to tailor them to individual reporters – if there’s anything the media hates, it’s blast emails! I can use the basic template but change it to refer a recent story by a particular editor. Or I can mention the timeliness of a story. I’ve been able to improce my open rates dramatically by noticing who opens which email and when.

Track those pitches.

ToutApp’s Live Feed gives you real-time intelligence into what those reporters are doing with your email at this very moment. By tracking down views, clicks and engagement, ToutApp automatically highlights the people you should be paying attention to and see how the journalist interacted with your pitch.

Ed Zitron, CEO and Founder of EZ-PR, is pitching all the time. And doesn’t go a day without Touting those pitches. Here is what Ed has to say about Tout:

I want to keep my emails as honest, upfront and efficient as possible and ToutApp lets me do that. Tout’s view, click and engagement tracking allows me to see, in a lot more transparent manner, what clients are doing well and what effort I am putting in different places.

Tim Cox, Principal, ZingPR uses ToutApp for all his media pitching, Why?

Because, in one easy to use app, I can easily manage client-specific media lists and pitches, schedule outreach, and then track engagement (opens and clicks) in real time. It’s really useful to see who has opened an email and even how many times he or she opened it – so I then know where to focus my follow-up activites.

What is even more equally useful for Tim is seeing who has not opened an email.

Why not? Was the subject line not appealing? Am I targeting the wrong person? ToutApp highlights those people who are not engaged.

Know what is resonating.

Think of the messages you send to introduce yourself to a journalist, follow up on a pitch or nuture a relationship with a client – ToutApp will help you become smarter with your email. Above all, we eliminate the uncertainity of how journalists reacted to your email. Thanks to our insights, you can measure what kind of messaging drives engagement and successful emails.

Peter Himler, CEO and Founder of Flatiron Communications, works with emerging and established companies seeking to capitalize on the latest tools and technologies available to the communications professional. 

Tout helps eliminate much of the uncertainty that has historically existed when PR pros emails a story idea to a journalist. What’s more, the app allows the sender to see how the journalists interacted with the emailed query. Needless to say, Tout may one day render the journalist-hated (and PR-dreaded) “follow-up” call obsolete.

Get smarter with your pitches – get Touting.