Release Notes: Outlook and Gmail Enhancements

You live out of your inbox to reach prospects, book meetings and close those deals before month’s end. We know how important email efficiency is to you and are stoked to tell you about some improvements we’ve made in both Gmail and Outlook. Read on for some inbox-goodness.



  • You can now Tout emails while in “read” view
    • The reply pops out so you can access the Tout It button. How ’bout them apples?
  • You now have the ability to Tout a reply in a threaded email view
  • You can see your colleague’s calendar when suggesting meeting times in an email
    • The calendar function displays all calendars that are shared


  • You can now delete your Content from your Gmail inbox
    • You can now clean up your list of trackable Content by selecting any row and clicking ‘Delete Selected’
      • This will not only delete your Content from your list in Gmail – but also from all of Tout. Woot!Delete Content in Gmail
  • You can also bulk delete and bulk add Content to your email
    • There’s a select-all check box above your list of Content – just select that to choose all Content listed

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Release Notes: Improvements to Features and Integrations

We’ve been quite busy on the product/engineering side of things since my last update in February. We’ve given you more room in Tout, fixed bugs and improved our experience in Salesforce, Outlook AND Gmail. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a little caffeine and some eclectic tunes (like David Bowie, Justin Bieber and Dropkick Murphys. And ok, ok, maybe just a little Kanye).

Read on to to learn about improvements.

Powdering our nose:

  • We cleaned up the help menu to only give you what you need:
    • Tout University: The go-to site for tips, tricks and FAQs
    • Ask a Question form: Need best practices? Something seems off? Fill out this form and our happiness team will get back to you ASAP
    • Talk to Sales form: Need to add another seat to your account? Want to upgrade? Answer a few quick questions and sales will be in touch
  • New updated Favicon (the little image on the top of the browser tab) to be our current logo (helloooo 2016)
  • We added more room for activities by removing our footer across all pages in
  • We removed the default dynamic fields in your email signature for first-time customers, to save some time in getting set up


  • Some of you experienced throttling when your Campaign had multiple steps and the second email step was scheduled to go out at midnight. Moving forward this will not be an issue
  • Shared Campaigns are now editable by Master Admins (in addition to Team Admins). Teammates will not be able to edit a shared Campaign unless they have Admin status

Signatures and Templates:

  • Formatting(bulleted and numbered lists, text alignment etc.) were not saving on templates when the email was being sent. Now all formatting made through the text editor will show correctly when editing, as well as post-saving
  • Your email signature will now dynamically change when you toggle between identities in the Compose window in
  • Any adjustment to image size in the image uploader (in either templates or in your email signature) will be saved to your desired size


  • You should see the Template name for your “Most Engaging Templates” in “Me” analytics instead of the subject line


  • If you are on a plan with group limits, some of you may have experienced an issue when uploading a CSV with empty values. We now handle this case for CSV uploads.

Sales Gong:

  • Some customers were experiencing 500 errors when ringing the Sales Gong, but no more!



  • Tout engagement events (view, click, reply, website visits, etc.) now consistently push to Marketo if you have the integration connected
  • With Salesforce Sync Override, new user added to a subscription should be able to connect to Salesforce via BCC or API and have their activity log
  • Non-Enterprise customers can now log their activity to Salesforce via API (if their subscription of Salesforce has that capability)
  • You can now email contacts with apostrophe’s in their email address when using the Email with Tout button in Salesforce or the blue Tout envelop (via the Chrome extension)


  • You can now successfully use the “Add Email to Salesforce” button in the read view of your inbox if that lead or contact exists in Salesforce


  • The Live Feed in Outlook is now the fully functional Live Feed that you get from (woo!)
  • When you log into Tout – you should not be asked to download a login file
  • If you’re not logged in to Tout, you should see a modal to do so when you fire up Outlook
  • After logging in, you shouldn’t see any additional log in pop up
  • The Login screen no longer defaults to a blank page
  • Logging in from the Live Feed should work consistently
  • The Getting Started guide only displays when you’re getting started
  • Saving a Template from Outlook should save the Template in under the category “Outlook Imports”
  • Some customers were experiencing an issue where Templates and Campaigns weren’t being displayed in the Compose Window
  • We fixed an incorrect spelling of the word “retrieve” (i before e….)
  • You can now change task priority (low, normal, high) from the Tasks List in the Live Feed
  • We fixed some styling issues in the Tasks List and Sales Beat tab in the Live Feed
  • We’re now using faster loading indicators
  • The “Give Feedback” modal now goes away after you submit said feedback
  • You can now successfully ring the Sales Gong from the Live Feed (We weren’t displaying the ‘Ring the Gong’ action button consistently)
  • You can now successfully uninstall Tout for Outlook (but why would you want to?)
  • Cleaned up Calendar performance

Release Notes: Improvements to Tout Integrations

Since our last update around product speed, we’ve made a serious of improvements across Tout and our integrations with platforms like Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve resolved:

Gmail Specific Issues:

  • Additional logging for an issue where Gmail drafts are lost

Outlook Specific Issues:

  • Inconsistency with the Live Feed loading
  • Memory issues

Salesforce Specific Issues:

  • Using Push to Tout in Salesforce wasn’t working consistently for some customers

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Introducing: ToutApp for Outlook, version 5.0

Since the beginning of ToutApp, we’ve been on a mission to improve your sales workflow and communications. We’re now three years in and that mission has remained unchanged. We work every day to improve upon that mission to create a smarter way to do Sales–especially on Outlook.

With our latest version of ToutApp for Outlook, its features will help you continue to sell, develop best practices, and follow analytics that provides relevant insights into your sales opportunities.

Outlook Version 5.0 is Battle Tested

It is important to point out that this is our best Outlook version yet. Outlook is complex. Windows environments in large IT organizations are extremely diverse. We’ve been battle-testing this over the last three years, across multiple Outlook environments to bring to you the best experience possible.

To celebrate the release of this latest version, here’s a video of our very own Daniel Barber, one of the earliest adopters of Tout for Outlook.



Act on the Tout Live Feed

When your prospect views an email, clicks on a link, visits your website or opens your presentation—you’ll be notified right within Outlook, so you can follow up instantly.

From your Tout Live Feed, you’ll gain visibility on all your sent emails. You’ll know if that sales pitch email got read, if a cold prospect is reviewing an old email or if that busy Exec finally opened your email. With Tout for Outlook, you’ll see exactly when and who’s engaging with your email–all in real-time.



The Tout Live Feed will be limited to the 10 most recent activities, but, you’ll still be able to see all activities and see who’s been engaging at a high level on your Tout Dashboard.

Discover the Power of Tout Templates

With Tout Templates, you’ll always say the right thing because the perfect messaging is right there. Don’t rely on copy and paste, when you can have it so much better. On the right-hand side of your compose window, you’ll find your Tout Templates–making it simple to find the exact messaging to make that connection, sales pitch or close a deal.

Alongside your templates, you’ll be able to quickly view template analytics for yourself and your entire team. With Template Analytics, you’ll be able to see the total number of times a template has been sent by the team, and view click through rates for each template.

Now with Smart Calendar Integration for Booking Meetings

With our new calendar feature, booking meetings is faster than ever. Just click the “Calendar” button and you’ll easily be able to suggest times for meetings. Instead of going back and forth over 10+ emails to find a time, you can get it done in one.



Is Tout for Outlook for me?

If you’re a salesperson or on a sales team that’s currently operating on a Windows machine – then Tout for Outlook’s email tracking, templates and real-time analytics will be an invaluable asset for your sales process. Sorry Mac users, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for Tout for Mac.

Get the new Tout for Outlook

If you’re already running Tout for Outlook, just click on the Tout menu bar and update.



If you don’t have Tout installed for Outlook, go Install it now!

We’ve spent the last three years working towards Tout for Outlook and we’ve been listening and digesting feedback from our diverse customer community. So, whether it’s closing deals, following a new lead or managing email campaigns — we know Tout will improve your sales growth and team.


Feature of the Week: Track Your Content

What’s cooler than tracking links?


Did you know that with ToutApp, you can track your presentations, documents, pictures, etc.? See when a prospect or lead clicks on your pricing sheet or e-book. Some examples where you’d use this:

  • Tracking to see if your prospects have opened your pricing sheet
  • See when your presentation is opened
  • Did they look at your case study?

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s how to track your content (in Gmail and Outlook):

1. In Gmail, it’s right in your email next to your other favorite features.


**You can choose to upload a new file, or quickly go to the documents you regularly send out in emails. It’s a quick sales trick to grab the presenation or doc you’re always using.

2. In, it’s in a similar spot above the body of your email.

3. In Outlook, it’s located on the right.

**Have an idea for Feature of the Week? Tell us about it! 


Reflecting on Two Years as a Startup Engineer

Looking Back.

Its hard to believe its already been two years. It still feels like only a short while ago I had my first interview to join a company that has proven to be one of the most challenging experiences of my life. Since the day I joined, my professional life has been a haze of coding projects, white-boarding sessions, and a constant burning desire to push my abilities and the speed of turnaround as far as I can possibly go.

I joined ToutApp on April 18th of 2012. 2 years ago today to be exact. I remember my interview fairly vividly. It was not altogether any unique day, but I could tell after meeting with TK that there was something, unique, about this. Even as early stage as it was. I was surprised and honestly really worried about the fact that the company at that time, was only 3 people strong. Of these 3, only one was another engineer, who was also the founder. Coming from a separate team consisting of several engineers that still managed to fall flat on it’s face, I was very timid about the job at first. I was very concerned about joining a team that could lead me to looking for another role 6 months later. I spoke with TK for a long time about the pipeline and his plans for the company. Today we still occasionally joke about those days and how I “ran him through the ringer” with all my questions. However, when I was offered the position and deciding whether or not to accept I thought, ‘Hey, I’m still young, I don’t have a family yet. Now’s as good a time as any to take a leap of faith and risk it’. So less than a week later I walked through the door as a new engineer.

Challenges, Celebrations, and What I’ve Learned.

Since I joined its been a whirlwind of challenges, celebrations, and more than one fairly sappy moment. From the first day I set foot in the door I was deploying new features to the platform. Since then its become in my mind a haze of coding in brand new territory. Developing the Outlook plugin was only my second full project here. TK just walked in the room one day and said “Hey, we need to make the Outlook plugin, want to learn C#?”, to which I responded “I’m down.” A few weeks later we were rolling out to a few customers to see if we were on the right track, not long after we had rolled it out. Since then, its seen several iterations and huge improvements as I’ve learned more fun little C# tricks. Other projects I’ve “owned” have come and gone, and over this past 2 years, I was a large influence in developing our entire Next front-end. Since we have a policy on experimentation, we tend to throw away a great deal of code. This gives me multiple opportunities to take a several hundred line code file I wrote early on and go “NOPE!” and delete the whole thing. Then rewriting it in a mere fraction of the time it took the first time and managing to reduce it down to a few hundred lines instead. It’s almost a therapeutic experience.

Feel the Love.

The professional experience and growth is nice, but what really makes this worth it to me, more than anything else, is the team itself. The people I get the pleasure of working with on a daily basis really makes the company great. It’s how we know we’re on to something, it makes late nights worth it, it makes time away worth it, it makes everything I do worth it. When we interview prospective hires I always find it fun to see how they play out. The way we light up when the candidate asks us what it’s like working here, and how excited they get in response. The one thing that is always constant about us is that everyone that works with us, loves to work with us. After a short time, it really starts to feel like family. Some of our newest hires have only worked here a few weeks, but most of us already feel like its been several months. We can’t remember what it was like without them, yet we still manage to maintain our core values. It’s a really great dynamic that makes each day a new piece of the journey. A long journey with people you forge a fellowship bound by a common goal, and a common passion.

So to my team, I say thanks for a great two years! I look forward to many more, and a lifetime of friendships from it.

To everyone else, seriously, its a great group of people. I’m not making this up or even exaggerating. They’re really just that wonderful.

Oh, and we’re hiring a badass Engineering team. Want to join me?


ToutApp + Highrise = Email Bliss

When people ask us for a simple CRM solution, we always recommend Highrise. Highrise is a simple CRM that helps you manage your contacts and helps you to remember the important things about the people you would normally forget.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without ToutApp, and the integration with Highrise. — Matt Rae, Tripzaar Inc.

Before the days of Highrise, managing and tracking your customers was no fun. Lacking visibility into your sales team’s activity, your customer data was all over the place on sticky notes and reporting and analysis was painful. Highrise changed the game with visibility and collaboartion across your sales team and the ability to have reporting around progression. Essentially, Highrise helps manage your contacts, keep track of who said what when, schedule follow-ups, set reminders and convert leads into done deals.

Now before the days of ToutApp, your emails would fall into a black abyss. Lacking visibility into exactly what is happening to your emails after you hit send and lacking knowledge of whether your messaging resonated with your prospect or even was effective at all. ToutApp plugs right into your day to day workflow and helps streamline and crystalize your communications process with real time tracking, powerful templates and analytics around the emails you are sending. Lastly, ToutApp bridges the gap between your email and your CRM.

ToutApp has been a fantastic sales tool to monitor who has and hasn’t opened my personal emails and clicked on the links, this helps me see who is more engaged with what I am saying and who to keep in contact with. It also saves me time copying my emails to Highrise, ToutApp does it for me. Very useful, highly recommended. — Nick Storr, Sales Manager at Connected

ToutApp + Highrise

Now, combined the two and bam…something magical happens. Mergence of the two = pure email bliss. Giving you the ability to send trackable emails from within your Highrise and get reporting around those emails. Imagine the effectiveness and time saving capabilties here.

You want to know more you say?

ToutApp will automagically update every single email sent through ToutApp to Highrise and assign it to the proper contact. You honestly will never have to worry about copying your CRM’s BCC address again, because Tout will always take care of that for you.

Beautiful, we know. Beyond copying all your emails, Tout will bring a whole new level of data to your CRM that will truly help you understand the interaction with your contact, and once again make Highrise a valuable source of information that shows the value of your relationships.

Everytime your contact is viewing, clicking or has replied Tout will send a notification of the activity to Highrise.

We know how tiresome it can be having to create a new contact in your email client and your Highrise each and every time you want to send an email. ToutApp takes that pain point away in a snap. Each time you shoot off a Tout email to a recipient who is not in your Highrise, ToutApp will create a contact for that person with their name and email, and copy all associated emails to that contact.

All done seamlessly and automatically. Don’t believe us? Check out what our happy  ToutApp and Highrise users are saying…

ToutApp’s integration with Highrise makes me life much easier! I can see when my contacts open and read an email and what better time to reach back out and engage with them than right after that! — Callie Harris, Public Relations Manager at

ToutApp with Highrise is magically efficient! You haven’t seen efficiency until you have used ToutApp with Highrise. — Matt Rae, Tripzaar



If you want to scale the way you track your leads and customers to stay competitive and close more deals start Touting… in Highrise of course. Of course, for those of you who something even simplier than Highrise there’s the ToutApp Lab Spreadsheet CRM.



“ToutApp gives me complete visibility into every single email I send”

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Max Altschuler, VP of Business Development at AttorneyFee. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user who uses our platform to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here


I'm the VP of Business Development at AttorneyFee. We are a consumer legal startup aiming to help connect consumers with legal issues to credible attorneys in their area. On the Business Development side, we are constantly trying to find new partners that will drive consumers in need, to our platform. There are tons of potential partners in this space and is becoming very exciting.

Where does Tout fit?

I have been able to use Tout at two different business. At one, I was sending thousands of emails over the course of the week. At the other, I was sending twenty to fifty emails throughout the week, however a lot more personalized. Tout streamlined my process at both businesses and has made really easy for me to connect with more and more people. I can see what is working and what is not. ToutApp gives me complete visibility into every single email that I send off.

ToutApp has been a huge help to track and optimize our emails.

Why do you love ToutApp?

ToutApp allows me to stay organized and connect with partners in a timely manner. I can track everything that goes on between my outbox and someone else's inbox. This gives me the transparency I need to trigger follow up emails. It also acts as a very lightweight relationship management tool that I can use straight from Gmail. This is exactly what I need for a job that requires fewer overall connections but more depth to each one.

What is one unique trick you use with ToutApp?

ToutApp allows me to take the next step of action and hit call from the Live Feed. So, if I notice someone is viewing my email, I take that as an opportunity to call them straight from the Live Feed. It's a great little trick to get people on the phone. Especially, as they are looking over what you had sent them. 

I can attribute a lot of success to getting new customers and clients because of ToutApp.

For more tips and tricks for how to best use Tout, check out our Sales 101 page.


My Best Sales Hack

I recently was on a screen share and saw an inbox on the other end of the screen that was immaculately organized! I was actually suprised and a tad bit jealous to see such a clean looking inbox to be honest. If you're an avid emailer you probably understand my pain of owning a mess of an inbox. Working at ToutApp I've become completely email obsessed, so of course this discovery of a poster child for a perfect inbox got me pretty excited. 

Here is how I came to love Gmail's multiple inboxes. 

The Problem

I live and breathe email (and a lot of Salesforce) so Gmail for me is where I spend a lot of my time. The big problem was my Gmail inbox looked like a Rubix Cube before it was solved — a complete jumble. 

The bigger problem was the important email responses from hot leads that were getting buried in my inbox. 

Writing sales emails and follow ups with the goal in mind to get a reply is always at the top on my mind. With ToutApp I've been able to hone my messaging to identify what email messaging and follow up typically generate replies.

Too many replies is a good problem to have, but a messy inbox makes it difficult to prioritize and manage following up efficiently. I needed to find a way to make it easy to identify the most important email replies in my inbox. 

The Solution 

Multiple inboxes. Beyond just the ability to organize your read, unread and starred emails, I discovered creating filters was the best way to keep important replies easy to identify in my inbox.

If you're not feeling my excitement just yet, here's how I've put this solution into play.

New ToutApp users are typically put on a 5X5 drip. This is made easy with templates and auto-follow up. One of my inboxes filters only replies from new ToutApp users on the drip.

My most important inbox filters what I deem to be important replies. I've named this inbox “big deals” Example: I send over an email to set up some time to chat with a decision maker connected to a “big deal” I've followed up a handful of times and receive a one-liner “10am Wednesday”.

How to get started?

  1. Head on over to Gmail Settings. Go to labs and enable multiple inboxes. 
  2. You should now have a “multiple inboxes tab”. Once you click on the tab you'll see the option to create different searches.
  3. Create your search queries. This is the key to organizing your inbox. Example: subject:(re:type in your subject line)in:inbox
  4. Rearrange. Choose the positioning of your new inboxes.
  5. Lastly, enjoy your new organized inbox!

Take your game to the next level, learn more tips to streamline your email process with email tracking for Outlook and Gmail, analytics and templates. Check out ToutApp or sign up for a free trial.


Introducing: The Sales Communications Dashboard

First of all, Happy Friday.

For those of you that are already ToutApp users, I hope you had a fantastic week of sales communications with new and exciting leads. Thanks to Tout’s Live Feed, you already know who your most engaged leads were, and have probably closed a few more deals than you normally would have since you focused your time on the right people.

For this Friday, as you reflect on how the week went and what you want to do differently next week, we want to give you something that helps synthesize how your sales communications went this week.


Today, we’re introducing something brand new that is going to take your sales game to the next level. Today, we’re announcing something takes all of that amazing analytics and tracking data around your sales emails and wraps it into one meaningful dashboard. Today, we’re announcing our real-time sales communications dashboard.

Although its unorthodox to release stuff on a Friday, we thought it would be great because as you wind down on your long week, you can go ahead and log into ToutApp Dashboard, click on the “This Week” button, and see how your whole week looked in terms of your sales communications.

Tout’s pulse dashboard will make meaning out of all those individual email views and clicks and tell you:

  1. Which times of the weeks were busiest for you
  2. Which times of the week your customers were most engaged
  3. How many emails you dealt with this week
  4. Which templates you used the most
  5. What kind of email content drove the most engagement
  6. Who your most engaged leads/prospects/customers are

And ofcourse, the dashboard was designed for Managers and Teams in mind first, so it’ll also help you tap into the sales communications across your organization and see how everyones doing as a whole.

We’ve put in a significant amount of investment into the underlying data infrastrucutre for processing our email and engagement data. We think this dashboard is just the beginning.

If you and your sales team aren’t on ToutApp yet, what are you waiting for? Get Touting.