ToutApp Everywhere – Integrating with tools from Email to CRM

Tout was built to empower sales people and make their jobs easier – which is why we’re devoted to working where you work. A big part of that is integrating Tout with your tools from email to CRM, so your sellers can easily communicate and book meetings.

Today, we’re excited to let you know about yet another place you can leverage ToutApp to increase productivity. We’ve added a new Outlook for Mac plug-in:

Outlook for Mac

ToutApp is now available as an add-in for Outlook for Mac, and we’re excited for you to give it a whirl. You’ll have all the functionality of a Tout compose window (including Calendar access) right in your inbox. Connect Tout to Outlook for Mac.

This new plug-in is part of a growing list of powerful integrations that helps to put Tout where your sellers spend their time. Other ToutApp integrations include:


Capture all the power of Salesforce paired with your Tout engagement data. All of your emails sent via Tout will auto log to your CRM and update live with new data as it comes in. And, you can even access Tout Templates, Campaigns and Dialer right from Salesforce. ToutApp for Salesforce Installation Guide.

Chrome Browser Extension (the web)

Leverage Tout across the web by installing our Chrome Browser Extension. We’ll pick up on any email address listed on a web page and display a Tout envelope that gives you access to the power of Tout templates, tracking, scheduling and more. Install the ToutApp Browser Extension.


Outlook is the center of your sales communications workflow – booking meetings and getting deals done right from your email client. With the Outlook integration, you gain visibility into your sales process and live prospect engagement without ever having to change the tools you already live in.

For Outlook for Mac desktop clients: Connect Tout to Outlook for Mac.
For Outlook for Windows desktop clients: Connect Tout to Outlook for Windows.
For Outlook 365 Web Apps (Windows or Mac): Connect Tout to OWA.


Gmail is your hub for getting things done. With the Gmail integration, you can access all the benefits of Tout without ever leaving your inbox. You have access to Calendar functionality to propose times to prospects and can even schedule emails to be sent at the right time. Connect ToutApp to Gmail.

Of course, you can leverage all functionality from authoring templates to adding new teammates – right from

We’re really excited to put Tout everywhere you need it to be! Take advantage of these integrations to increase sales productivity and seamlessly connect with your prospects and customers.

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